23J elections: what does Spain look like? Written by Lola Garcia

“With your feet on the ground, Yolanda.” This was the only phrase with which Pedro Sanchez distanced himself from his vice president discussion to three Last Wednesday on RTVE. Hence, he objected to an economic proposal from his associates. Instead, Sanchez not only advocated for the Ministry of Equality’s agenda, from trans-law to law Yes, just yes , but she did it more than Yolanda Diaz herself, despite the fact that it was these policies, not economic ones, that hindered her chances of being re-elected. Their wearing comes from issues of national identity (agreements with ERC and Bildu) and gender (laws advocated by Podemos).

The head of government, Pedro Sánchez, and the leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Figo, minutes before they came face to face with each other with “Atresmedia”

Photograph: Juan Medina/Reuters

The People’s Party capitalized on these cases to accuse Sánchez of overly ideologically dividing the Spanish. As is evident, the positions of the right are also ideological, but the message being conveyed is that Sanchez has “criminalized” those who do not share his alliances and theses. till then Presumed divisive desire It’s been called “sanchismo” and the formula has taken effect. How much can be seen tonight, but surveys reveal that there is water in the pond, that is, a large section of Spanish society with a national identity very combative against the independence movement and whose gender identity is disturbed by Podemos initiatives.

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Lola Garcia

Minister for Equality and Feminism, Tània Verge, and Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, this afternoon at CAP Numància in Barcelona

It has been said for years that the Spanish Socialist Party is the party most similar to Spain. Even Sanchez repeats it often. But an alliance with Podemos and agreements with the independents has pushed him to one side of the board and popular characters have seen a gold mine there. This is why Feijóo sells “change”, justifies felipism (the most conservative PSOE), tells the socialist barons to refrain from his installation, and publishes huge banner In Madrid with the colors of all parties to establish itself as a haven for the show voter.

PP announces that they are now more like Spain than a PSOE friend of Podemos and the Independents

They announced at PP that they are now more like Spain. That the Spaniards identify better with a government that is “less ideological” and focused on administration. While the socialists assert that Spanish society is center-left and shares feminist and environmental values, the leaders of the People’s Party summarize their position as follows: “It is one thing to be against violence against women or to know that climate change must be fought, another is that they rub your face all day with very questionable measures.”

world of politics Pablo SimonIn an interview published in vanguard , commented that the PS’s electoral strength had so far been emanating from “the Andalusia-Catalunya axis, which has made the party the closest thing to Spain itself”. Already unbalanced, this axis has skewed to the right in the south. The People’s Party bases its potential on the Andalusian vote, Madrid and Valencia, in that order. PSOE in Andalusian, Catalan and Madrid. Socialist livelihood advanced beaten in two of its yards.

From 23 to J will come a political picture of Spain marked by the first experience of a left-wing coalition government and in the aftermath of the Catalan independence crisis. PP trusts reaction to this bias thus “It’s time” slogan. The strategy may be effective, but it is hard to believe that in the medium term a government more or less dependent on Vox is the closest thing to Spain.

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