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The elections left the government in Spain aloof in the absence of a clear majority. Yesterday we said nothing new. Today there is something new: the PNV party refuses to negotiate with PP while Sánchez and Puigdemont are open to dialogue. new paragraph.

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Attention, it is negotiated

Sanchez and Puigdemont will speak. The socialist leader and Jontes’ standard are “ready to negotiate an inauguration” even though Puigdemont has been calling for a state blockade for years and Sanchez refuses to hold a referendum. your keys.

“Popular” confusion of GPS. Feijoo won The election But today he can hardly go to office with an alliance with Vox, a bloc that, although growing, does not add up even on its own. It does not appear to be attracting allies. “Start getting skinned“, you read.

The calendar being drawn like this is uncertain. It is known that the game is between the post or the close. That the Legislative Council begins on August 17. and that the King would be able to begin consultations on the 21st. from there Start the countdown So that the elections are not repeated.

In other news

A waste stream unloads grain into a granary in the village of Zgorievka, Ukraine

Ephraim Lukatsky

Russia is playing with fire. First, against hunger: it attacks the granaries on the Danube export route that are central to many countries. On an equal footing , against NATO: first bombed the far south of Ukraine on the border with Romania.

Hell work. Much of the day is spent in a job position. However, there are cases of workplace harassment, sexual exploitation, and ninguneos to undermine morale… To avoid this, the first thing is to get to know them. experienced tell how.

The Sau (Ter) tank is at 27% of capacity, with levels similar to those on July 14

The Sau (Ter) tank is at 27% of capacity, with levels similar to those on July 14

Angel Garcia/Bloomberg

Be careful (still) with dehydration. The rains a few weeks ago brought good news. The intense heat of the latter is the opposite: The level of related tanks drops again by 30% Heavy rain is not expected. What’s more, new nights are coming.

Football geopolitics. As we have explained, Paris Saint-Germain has contacted Barcelona to present its coveted star, Mbappe, despite his meticulous box and that the management and sports leadership exclude the process. movement target It doesn’t look like he’s in Barcelona.


Noah Hegon Belfer

Noah Hegon Belfer, jurist, political scientist, and activist

Mikel Gonzalez / Archery

Noah Hegon Belfer, jurist, political scientist, and activist, suffers from seven rare diseases. “Fear is more difficult to tame than pain.” Listen here on the podcast.

And also

Installation by Denilson Baniwa at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo

Installation by Denilson Baniwa at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo

Rafael Salvador / other sources

Brazil who saw you and who sees you. The cultures of Brazil’s indigenous peoples take over museums, exhibitions, theaters and festivals. It represents a paradigm shift with a new group of creators. So that nothing is “inconceivable”, this is acknowledged. Here is what to follow.

Paella may not be Basque, but… There has been controversy about the supposed Basque origin of paella (spoiler: points to the bowl that gives the dish its name) And now, it continues the competition for the oldest and most popular paella, which will be so. seeing is believing.

Another look

A polling station in Barcelona, ​​this Sunday

A polling station in Barcelona, ​​this Sunday

Anna Jimenez

survey bubble 23-J, who for years dominated political debate, broke through by overestimating the right turn. tapered Fundamental problem: a small sample of respondents, bad KosinaThe tendency to converge… has political consequences.


Enrique Rigg (Quinta del Peperon)

Enrique Rij, survivor of the 85th anniversary of the Battle of the Ebro

Editorial/other sources

Enrique Rij, survived the “feeding bottle” on the 85th anniversary of the Battle of the Ebro. “I didn’t want to shoot, I refused to kill anyone.” Read it here.

Victor-M. Amila

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