A couple arrested for defrauding €73,000 from a furniture store in Madrid

The National Police has arrested a couple in the Latina region of Madrid who allegedly defrauded more than €73,000 from a furniture retailer to buy home furnishings.

According to the Madrid Police Headquarters, the investigation began when the affected company filed a complaint upon discovery of possession of furniture through forged documents.

The alleged juvenile offenders, a man and a woman, purchased the furniture by submitting false documents to approve the financing.

Avoid the police

Once the credit was accepted, they received the products at an address other than the one that appeared on the DNI they provided to avoid police interference.

After identifying the couple, agents searched their home on the 12th, seizing several bladed weapons, a sawn-off rifle with 17 rounds, and several documents and portable devices.

Both were arrested for fraud, documentary forgery, and identity theft.

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