Abascal blames the People’s Party for the fact that the “preparedness” of Sanchez’s government has decreased: “They whitewashed him”

The leader of the far-right, Santiago Abascal, feels that “preparedness” in the face of the “seriousness” of Pedro Sánchez’s continued four-year term at the head of government has decreased during the election campaign. The culprit has been identified: the People’s Party. In his opinion, the people during these two weeks “lacquered” the socialist government. Therefore, the head of the extremist formation wanted to close the door to electoral competition by warning his voters that “the battle has not been won”: Voting for Vox is the only insurance..

The third political force in the Chamber of Deputies, which includes 52 deputies given the 3.5 million votes obtained in the last general election of 2019, wanted to close the campaign in Madrid’s Plaza de Colón, a symbolic place for the formation of the far-right. In the late afternoon, with a break provided by the thermometer, hundreds of supporters gathered in the central square from which the largest Spanish flag in the country was erected.

Vox campaign closes in Plaza de Colon


The tough crackdown carried out by Vox these 14 days had a clear turning point: at the start of this week, when the leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Figo, offered the Socialist Workers Party’s Five State Charters to avoid an alliance with Vox, a party that instead sees Popular as its “preferred partner”. This is how Vox launched Monday to the voter “bewildered” by the People’s Party’s outstretched hand to the socialists.

This Friday, upon his arrival in the Plaza de Colón, Abascal raised his rhetoric against the People’s Party, accusing it of “whitewashing” the government of Pedro Sanchez. “You can’t,” he insisted, before calling for “mass mobility” because, in his words, “the battle has not been won.” In the leadership of Vox there is concern about the campaign the People’s Party is spreading for the useful vote. They fear a possible repeat of the recent election situation in Andalusia, where popular elections left the far right trapped in an irrelevant venue.

Before the audience could hear the cries of “Abascal, chief” and “I vote for you Txabute,” Abascal evaluated the campaign. In his opinion “the hardest of all”. And this is because “everyone” has rallied against their party: the People’s Party ignores them, the PSOE and Sumar demand the application of the famous sanitary cordon or even the opinion polls and the media demonize them. This is the image the radical leader of the campaign takes: All Against Vox.


Vox campaign closes in Plaza de Colon


However, Abascal has hope. He believes that “there are only 48 hours left to overthrow the worst government in Spain.” And if they succeed, their roadmap is clear. In the first place, abolish all socialist policies – that “not only the Sanchistas but also the laws of Zapatero”, and then “build everything they destroyed”. For this they will resort, as they promise, to Article 92 of the Spanish Constitution to hold consultations with citizens to inquire about policies relating to immigration, historical memory and security …

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