After the summer, a British judge will decide whether to accept Corinna’s case against King Juan Carlos

It won’t be until after the summer that Corinna Larsen and King Juan Carlos know which of them is right in their claims to the London High Court. Justice Rowena Collins Rice will not decide until September whether a lawsuit over alleged harassment filed by Corinna three years ago is ongoing, or if, as the honorary lawyers argue, British courts do not have jurisdiction over the charges which, on the other hand, she rejects outright. This week, the President of Chamber 13 of the London Court heard arguments from both sides.

At this Friday hearing, the last of the four held (two of them assisted by the plaintiff), one of Corinna Larsen’s lawyers, Andrew Green, denied the assertion of King Juan Carlos’ defense arguing that England’s courts had no jurisdiction because many of the allegations did not take place on British soil.

The lawsuit includes episodes described as harassment and most of them without evidence occurred in various countries (mainly the UK, Switzerland, Brazil and Monaco) between 2012 and 2020, although the alleged events that took place prior to June 18, 2014 – the date of Juan Carlos I’s abdication – cannot even be cited as a reference because the Court of Appeal, in agreement with King Juan Carlos’ lawyer. He admitted his immunity.

Corinna’s counsel pointed out, at the present hearing, the stress and anxiety that Corinna had “experienced” since the reported events took place, in England, her present residence, where the Claimant suffered the consequences of that emotional state.

For his part, the team of King Juan Carlos’ lawyers, in addition to continuing to deny the facts, requested that the court dismiss his former lover’s claim and consider that England had no jurisdiction.

Corina Larsen, last Tuesday, upon her arrival at the High Court in London

EFE / EPO / Neil Hall

Corinna Larsen claims 126 million pounds (about 146 million euros) in damages and asserts that the titular king’s actions caused him great concern, while the former head of state “categorically” refuses to participate or directly harass his former lover.

The judge is expected to announce her ruling after the summer, but the decision – by the losing party – can be appealed to the Court of Appeal of England and Wales.

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