Aguirre criticizes Feijóo’s campaign against Vox and suggests that PP’s future goes through Ayuso

The former president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, believes that the leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Figo, made a mistake in the general election campaign “saying that he preferred the PSOE” to Vox and does not hide his preferences for Isabel Diaz Ayuso, while citing what Jose Maria Aznar did in the 1990s.

But Aznar doesn’t think the same. Today, the institution he heads published an editorial, the way the former president often expresses his opinion, and singles out one perpetrator in it. Fox.

at a seminar he organized the goal With lawyer Guadalupe Sánchez, who were taken before europe press, Aguirre pointed to two “mistakes in the book” in the 23-J campaign, one by the People’s Party in its strategy towards Vox and a second by Santiago Abascal, which “didn’t go well” with the campaign.

According to Aguirre, it is a “contradiction” to say that a “sanchesmo” will be “abolished” while asking a “sanchista” to vote.

The former Madrid president criticized Figo for saying during the last phase of the campaign that “he preferred PSOE to Vox”. “I think it’s very difficult to sell that to voters in the People’s Party, which is very much like Vox,” said Aguirre, who thinks it is “contradictory” to say that the Sanchismo will be “abolished” while asking the Sanchistas to vote, when in his opinion he should have said that Vox is a “totally constitutional” party with different opinions than the Congress party’s. The deal is “much better for Spain” than the PSOE deal with Bildue.

“Well, we said the opposite, that we like Paige (the president of Castilla-La Mancha) more than Abascal,” he said. Vox’s voters were mostly People’s Party voters, Aguirre recalls, and the strategy should have been to wage the “cultural battle”, as Ayusu did, and “she was left out” in this campaign for the general election.

For its part, La Faes writes in its editorial that “none of the faults or shortcomings that want to be noted in the PP campaign can equal in their effect the role played by Vox” and considers that the “aggressive and totally uncritical reaction” of the Vox leadership can only be explained in the “erratic drift of this party, in its strategic confusion and in the growing frustration that the project must not be forgotten -“.

On the other hand, he stresses that “the reaction of Alberto Núñez Viejo is what can be claimed from a responsible leader, with a sense of corporate and who acts as he is, the winner of this election, on the assumption of a commitment that is perhaps not comfortable and does not guarantee his ultimate success.”

What to do with Vox is the PP leadership dilemma. Some argue that the agreements in Extremadura and Valencia and the city councils have harmed them, but they have risen in votes there. On the other hand, polls revealed that voters closest to the SWP were laid off, precisely because the Socialists managed to spread fear through agreements with Vox, and not because they winked at the more concentrated wing.

The former president of Madrid proposes that the future of the People’s Party be in the hands of Ayusu

Esperanza Aguirre has made no secret of her preference for Isabel Diaz Ayuso. “I will not be the one to contradict you,” he noted when lawyer Guadalupe Sánchez claimed that “popularity” could not do that with Figo at the helm and it should be the president of Madrid who took responsibility.

Sunday night, when Núñez Feijóo was on the balcony of PP headquarters to announce the electoral victory, shouts of “Ayuso, Ayuso” were heard among the audience, which caused an uncomfortable situation between Feijóo and Ayuso, who was on the balcony. The Madrid president said nothing, and on Monday, in the face of some comments pointing to her as a future replacement for Figo, she paid tribute to the leader of the People’s Party and expressed her support for him. Of course, when asked if Feijóo’s leadership was in danger, she was not thunderstruck. He said, “I don’t think so.”

From Madrid’s PP cheers for Ayuso, after the disappointing result for Feijóo

Aguirre believes that the most feasible option is to reissue the government of Pedro Sanchez, although he stressed that the king must first call Alberto Núñez Figo as the candidate with the most votes, and he did not rule out the option of obtaining the support of the National Progressive Party, although he believes that it is “difficult but not impossible.”

According to Esperanza Aguirre

The People’s Party may “not improve” in the event of a repeat election

The former leader warned from Madrid that the result of the People’s Party may “not improve” in the event of a repeat election. “We have to change the strategy, the good strategy was Aznar’s strategy,” he stressed, stressing that all sectors to the right of the SWP should be “comfortable” in the People’s Party, “the liberals, the Christian Democrats and even the Social Democrats.”

This analysis does not match the one made by the Aznar Foundation with Esperanza Aguirre, as it is committed to Núñez Feijóo. He stressed that the People’s Party “has reasons for disappointment, but not for frustration”, because it has reached 8 million votes, collects regional power “as never before”, dominates the Senate “and has a leader, Alberto Núñez Figo, who can continue to add and who will be the sensible voice in the midst of the cacophony of the greater bloc of the left that naturally assumes a decision to attack the constitution.

Moreover, he is of the opinion that the People’s Party “is not called upon merely to resist”, but can make a suggestion to the Spaniards that “Núñez Viejo will have the opportunity in detail, with ambition, in the process of inauguration”. He also disagrees with Esperanza Aguirre that the People’s Party may lose support if the election is repeated. The foundation’s editorial asserts that if Spaniards are invited to the polls again “the People’s Party will be ready”, concluding that “the time has come for serenity, cohesion and patriotism”.

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