Aina proposes a 4.1% increase in airport fees for 2024

Morrissey Lucena, President of Aina.Pablo Monge

Aina will propose a 4.1% increase in airport fees for 2024 Although the current document approved by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) and endorsed by the government contains a price freeze, According to the proposal approved by the airport manager’s board of directors on Tuesday. Boarding, Which must now be analyzed by the National Council of Media Professionals and obtain the approval of the Council of Ministers, it will enter into force on March 1, 2024.and it will mean a greater increase in air tickets, because airlines, which pay these fees for the services they receive from airports, will pass the increases on to passengers.

Airlines oppose this increase, despite the fact that last year they applied large price increases to plane tickets alone – well above inflation – taking advantage of the recovery in air traffic demand after the end of the Corona virus epidemic. For example, Ryanair has admitted that its average fares have risen 42% in the past 12 monthsWhile Vueling raised it by 22% in the airport fee freeze scenario. Strangely enough, Aina and airlines attribute their price increases to the need to compensate for the rise in energy and fuel prices.

The so-called Airport Regulation Document (DORA) 2022-2026 freezes airline fees through 2026. However, the 2014 law allows Aena to pass on extraordinary, out-of-control costs that arise during that period, based on a metric known as the P-index. On May 23, Aena submitted a proposal to CNMC requesting a 4.1% cleanup increase for 2024 arguing that it is between the 2022+ energy bill and labor costs. (Between 2021 and 4022, 1.8%) and the level of security skyrocketed, according to press reports five days y expansionwho provided the news. Aina also claims that its rates are the lowest in Europe, stressing that they fell by 6.34% between 2015 and 2019 and 4.61% between 2019 and 2023.

Traditionally, CNMC usually rejects or moderates price increases requested by Aena, but in this case, it gave the go-ahead in the first analysis to a 3.5% increase related to the aforementioned P-index of price change, so that the proposal of the company headed by Morrissey Lucena could go ahead.

Duty-free contest

On the other hand, and As planned, the board of directors of Aena, a 51% state-owned company, has awarded the Swiss multinational Dufry free market administrationduty free) for Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport and Catalonia Airports (Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat, Girona-Costa Brava and Reus). These four airports account for 44% of the total guaranteed minimum income from duty free tender, and with their concession is renewed duty free For 12 years (with the option of 3 annual extensions) for airports in Aena’s network in Spain, whose current contracts are valid until October 31, 2023. Altogether, the offers for all airports are improving 2023 rents by 16.3%, which for Aena demonstrates “the business appeal, as well as the promotion of post-pandemic air traffic recovery”.

The Swiss group submitted the only bid in the second bid for the Madrid Airport terminal and the Catalan lot raised by Aina, after abandoning the first bid. After providing 185 million euros, it will retain more than 95% of the total turnover duty free From Ayna, having already captured the regions of Andalusia, the Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands (through the company Canariensis invested in it).

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