An alleged neo-Nazi marooned Soumar’s party with a knife display at the party bar

A man identified by eyewitnesses as a neo-Nazi disfigured Soumar’s party in Madrid last election night, after he broke into the bar where officers and supporters of the formation met and starred in an incident in which he even displayed a bladed weapon.

According to Al-Ain sources, the events took place in a downtown establishment where Sommer met to celebrate the result of Sunday’s general election, when, at around 2:30 am, a person with various tattoos – among them, according to these testimonies, the far-right symbol “88”, representing the Nazi salute “Heil Hitler” – entered the building, reports Europa Press.

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At the time, various Sumar officials were at the tavern, such as his spokesman, Ernst Ortason; the representative elected by Madrid, Íñigo Errejón; The housing spokeswoman for the lineup, Alejandra Jacinto, or the spokeswoman for Mas Madrid in the regional assembly, Monica García, as well as many supporters and journalists.

According to the same sources, the individual took a violent stance and came to confront several people, after which the doorman kicked him out of the building, although it seems that at that moment he took out a sharp tool that could fit a large knife.

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The same witnesses indicate that this person was wearing a hard plastic corset at the time, which is usually used to protect the chest in cases of rib injuries.

After the accident, according to these witnesses, the police officers went to the building, even though the person had already left.

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