Ana Rosa Quintana says goodbye to mornings to jump into afternoons: “I’m me and I say what I think”

Ana Rosa Quintana She won’t go on vacation until Tuesday, July 25, which is unusually late for her. You will do that after analysis Anna Rosa Program Election waste this Sunday. “I just requested an interview with Alberto Nunez Figo For this Monday, because who will win “, he comments at the Madrid headquarters Mediaset Spain Thursday afternoon. It called the media farewell to its successful morning edition, which has been a relentless leader for the past 19 seasons, with an average audience share of 19.8%. From the second half of September, you will inherit the afternoon Save me in a new format tardarspecially designed by his own production company founded with Xelo Montesinos, Unicorn Content.

During the month of July, the four main presidential candidates gave Telecinco morning liaison interviews. Among them is Pedro Sanchez, who hasn’t set foot in years and who claims to have been invited every week Until he finally came back, a few days ago. He defends that, “He realized he had to come to the media a bit late.” Was Feijóo right not to attend Wednesday’s debate, which was broadcast by this newspaper on RTVE? This newspaper asks him. “He worked well. Here there will be only two presidents, Feijóo or Sánchez – he retracts with regard to his earlier words -. In this debate, it is decided who will be the third and fourth largest political force in terms of voting,” he argues. So who won this debate, Yolanda Diaz or Santiago Abascal? “Yolanda,” Quintana replied immediately and without hesitation.

The spokeswoman understands that her media and political clout has changed a great deal in the nearly two decades since she transitioned from leadership. Taste, in the afternoon from Antena 3, in the morning Telecinco. “I am myself and I say what I think. Whether I am wrong or not, but I do it in conscience, ”he comments. Since the pandemic arrived, he has begun making editorials highly critical of Pedro Sánchez’s government Anna Rosa ProgramIn which he admits not to seek journalistic equilibrium, but to express his opinion. I was at home and started writing about what was happening. Since I did not want my personal opinion to involve the rest of the people who meddle at the political table and into the program, we decided that this content would always appear only with me, before the broadcast of the mask of the program.” “But we will also do some editorial in the afternoon,” he proceeds. .

In fact, Quintana classified the words of Alessandro Salem, the new CEO of Mediaset España, who It was reported last May in this newspaper that “there will be no politics in the afternoons of Telecinco”. The interviewer now says: “It’s not true.” “He’s right. It doesn’t make sense to have a political rally in the afternoon, but if there’s a political issue, of course we’ll discuss it. We’ll do a current affairs program and everything political. That pensions go up or down, that there’s a pandemic, that The Criminal Code changes … “. She will be in charge of the program only from Monday to Thursday on medical advice, after beating it last year Cancer that kept her away for about a year from the TV.

However, he considers that his name appears in the electoral campaign, the name of Pablo Mutos, the name of Alsina, the name of Vicente Valles, or even Silvia Inzarondo, who was severely criticized by the People’s Party for questioning and correcting Figo. while running 1 hour. We’ve had real harassment in recent months that never happened. The authorities have decided that there are good or bad journalists,” he criticizes. Reporters have the right to control power. who is and who is.”

Quintana is referring not only to Salem, but also to Jaime Guerra, head of content production for the communications group, who explained this Thursday that TardeAR will maintain a “typical duration” of evening programming, around three hours. “Well, we’ll see… It’s not what we agreed on a month ago,” Quintana commented later, only half-jokingly. “I want to do a talk show. We’re going to try and be a troublemaker,” he says while admitting that moving ahead with the election has derailed the initial plans Unicorn and Mideast had. tardar.

“I’m not leaving, I’m just moving home. I understood that the series that gave me 19 years of success needed me and I couldn’t say no to it, ”he comments on this change, which he admits is fraught with danger. Telecinco is starting the future season with the intention of facing Antena 3. A priori, Ana Rosa Quintana has no difficulty taking the lead before an afternoon of very dispersed crowds. Sonsoles Ónega is currently around 11% with its program on Antena 3 (a figure very similar to what it achieved in the peak season, in May) and leads ahead of La 1, whose competitions, programs and TV series are handled with shares between 7% and 11% in this range .

Ana Rosa Quintana, saying goodbye to her show, this Thursday.Alvaro Garcia

The Unicorn content, which from September onwards will take control of the Mediaset network at the expense of La Fábrica de la Tele, will also be responsible for the continuity of the morning, just as it succeeded with Ana Rosa, but without Ana Rosa. It will produce two spaces for Telecinco, one for political news, and the Restoration critical eye, With Anna Tiradillos, and a social history magazine entitled we will seeWith Joaquin Prat Jr. and Patricia Pardo. All of them are already regular faces in the morning of the series. Producers Ana Rosa and Exilo Montesinos will also remain in charge EidTelecinco’s Weekend Magazine four a dayan evening current affairs program on Quattro, which at some point on the network will coincide with Later, But “it won’t be competition,” mind the administrators, and they have “own identity and content.”

Telecinco, in its renewed ambition to regain leadership in the masses, is also filming a pilot with Jorge Javier Vasquez With the intent of launching an interview space in september that competes directly with anthill by Pablo Motos. Quintana thinks it’s a good idea if this project continues. “Jorge Javier is great and always contributes,” he defends.

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