In June one hundred and fiftieth of the birth Azuren. There was not much of a ceremonial party and it seemed incomprehensible to me. Another rarity in our country is that the greatest writers of the twentieth century have Baroja, Valle, Machado and Jimenez, but not Azorín. This strange oblivion will be amended by the Royal Academy in October or November with stern honors, but I expected more response from the press. Apart from a great article by Jorge Bustos and another by Mario VargasI haven’t read anything really great.

Is it because he is considered a miniaturist? Someone devoted, like a seventeenth-century Fleming, to suggestion Images are accurate, sharp and semi-glazed, with interiors decorated with pottery and mortar and a small window through which a strong ray of rising sun enters? This, of course, is part of what he knew how to do, but there are others. your calls complete works It consists of nine volumes published in that delicious collection by Aguilar, bound in the red leather I owe to the great bookseller and publisher Abelardo Linares. The joy it gives me to see the nine thistles every day on your shelf I will never be able to repay. They ask you to take them in your hand and start reading anywhere, all the papers are great.

Each volume contains about a thousand pages, so we are talking about a file Author of nearly ten thousand pages. Azorín’s work is colossal, and moreover, these complete works They are not even remote. Its editor was Ángel Cruz Rueda and he started it in 1947. The last volume (at least in my edition, which is the second) is dated 1963 and is no longer bound in leather, but rather in rather despicable cardboard. The company took more than fifteen years on Angel Cruz and he did a lot, but it wasn’t enough.

First of all, it is very difficult to locate the texts because there is no general index. You have no choice but to find it by year of publication (which is not easy) and track it down to the appropriate folder. Some Valencian institutions should fund the publication of a catalog that will facilitate reading and research. Does Alicante have anything dedicated to preserving the memory of one of its most brilliant sons? the Mediterranean Foundation, For example. Or at the University of Valencia where I studied? It is true that Valencia is a particularly curious and difficult society. Azorín has a book called specifically Valenciawhich is the best he ever wrote.

Let us see how the honors of the Royal Academy appear, and whether any other institution has acceded to the memory of that man who at the end of his life was as Don Quixote, of whom he wrote several and extensive pages worthy of a publication which at present does not exist. I became acquainted with him, lying in his bed from which he did not rise, in 1967, the year of his death, but I am very glad to see a young man who brought him a book to sign. He was Strut in silhouette From the legendary Cruz y Raya publishing house, since 1936. And she even had the sense of humor to smile at my companion and say in a cracked voice, “What a beautiful girl.” A few weeks before his death he was still quite alive.

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