Aragon sets the price for Sanchez’s investment: financial deficit, neighborhoods and negotiation

The ERC’s campaign for this Catalan election is coming to an end affirming the “useful vote” represented by the list led by its candidate Gabriel Ruffian to “defend Catalonia” in Madrid against “false rights”, with “disappointments and white lies”. Which, according to the Republican parliamentarian, represents the Socialist Workers Party and Sumar. But the conditions that the ERC will set for the eventual inauguration of Pedro Sanchez have been made clear. It was the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, who yesterday highlighted two main elements: ending the fiscal deficit and transforming the Rodalies.

As for whether the matter is related to “prices and offers,” the prime minister indicated that they are “essential” to ending the fiscal deficit and transforming Rodalies, which is a service that arrives late and bad, and generates a lot of uncertainty, “he said. Allegations he highlighted before mentioning the necessity “Opening a stage of hope to stop repression and move towards self-determination.”

Aragones made these demands in a meeting with Ruffian at the l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, where he appealed to his party’s record of services in Madrid allowing them to boast that they had never supported a right-wing government. For this reason, “if the numbers come out, there will be no right-wing government, but a left-wing government,” he promised, and “if it depends on the ERC, the People’s Party will be stopped and we will do what we have always done, with proposals in defense of Catalonia.” The President reaffirmed.

In this way, the Republicans buried the Junts per Catalunya proposal to jointly demand a referendum in exchange for support for a possible inauguration in Congress. Aragon, a supporter of continuing negotiations with the central government to achieve self-determination, emphasized that the conditions set by his party “can be assumed and will be on the surface of the PS” if he wants to take executive power again.

“Spanish progressive” is not a guarantee

For the ERC to be decisive in this final position, it must command the support of as many left-wing voters as possible next Sunday. This is why Ruffian questioned his rivals, “Spanish Progressives,” as he put it, referring to the Spanish Socialist Party and Sumar.

Ruffian asked the two left-wing leaders: “What is your project for Catalonia?” “When in doubt (…) I ask people not to vote for deception or white lies,” he said. According to the candidate, who wants a progressive government in the country, “but who thinks of Catalonia,” he stipulated, “this party cannot be the party of Felipe Gonzalez and (Emiliano García) Paige,” but rather the ERC party, because “we force them to think and legislate while taking Catalonia in mind.”

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