AVE is launching a campaign to get people to vote with the Mediterranean Corridor in mind

A law by which 1,500 businessmen demanded the completion of works on the Mediterranean Corridor in Barcelona last November.Quick Garcia (EFE)

the movement #IwantRunner, Promoted by the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE), on Friday launched a campaign under the slogan “Vote for what you vote, vote for Mediterranean corridorIn it, he called on all voters to take into account the importance of achieving the Mediterranean corridor when choosing their ballot paper in the polls next Sunday.

The Mediterranean Corridor is a railway infrastructure (a collection of tracks, springs, chainlinks and everything needed to allow trains to pass through) “patchy and unfinished, with more than 20 years of backlogged in its labour,” according to the association, that runs between Algeciras and the French border, linking and connecting the cities of Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Alicante, Murcia and the rest of Europe.

After analyzing the electoral platforms of the main parties, Movimiento Quiero Corredor wanted to “encourage, at this crucial moment, the reflection on the importance of the Mediterranean corridor as an infrastructure that will complete radial Spain with a circular Spain; that in turn will allow all citizens and territories to be more and better connected which will boost the economy, tourism and employment,” according to a press release.

Campaign for a Mediterranean corridor.
Campaign for a Mediterranean corridor.

Therefore, you find it unacceptable that she has more than 25 years of backlog of delays. This campaign to vote for the Mediterranean Corridor comes just one week after the end of the Labyrinth of Delay Tour, an “immersive experience also promoted by the Quiero Corredor movement with stops in the cities of Cartagena, Antequera, Barcelona and Alicante where more than 4,000 people managed to overcome the challenges and hurdles involved in completing the works on the Mediterranean Corridor, for the new 2539-points note, which exceeded 2,539 points.”

“Also in July, the first semi-annual examination of the Mediterranean Corridor works for 2023 was published to visualize and denounce the biggest infrastructure problems and delays, section by section,” he adds.

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“In addition, on November 16, the Seventh Business Code of the Mediterranean Corridor will be held at the Efima Municipal Palace (Madrid), which will coincide with the examination of the second semester of the year, and which is expected to bring together more than 2,000 businessmen and representatives of civil society who will gather” for the cry of Cueiro Corridor “.

Government commissioner for the government to develop Mediterranean corridorJosep Vicente Boira confirms that the historical backlog of infrastructure has been reversed as of 2018. From that year until 2023, everything is planned and 85% is under construction. The expected completion date is 2030.

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