“Barbie” blows up the global box office, collecting more than 300 million in its first weekend

The box office race between black and pink is already heating up with a clear winner. BarbieGreta Gerwig movie about the famous Mattel doll Beat the beat OppenheimerBiography about the creator of the atomic bomb, directed by Christopher Nolan. Gerwig’s film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling managed to collect 337 million dollars, or 303 million euros, of which 155 (nearly 140 million euros) was only at the US box office between Thursday, when it was shown on Friday and Saturday. Nolan’s most awesome movie starring Cillian Murphy didn’t fare bad either: 94m worldwide and another 80.5m in the US, in total, nearly $174m, €157m worldwide.

In total, they both crossed €460m in global collections, which is quite a feat, especially for some struggling cinemas as nor the adventures of the latter Indiana Jones D Harrison Ford And no acrobatics in the air Tom Cruise in the latest installment of Mission: Impossible They have managed to beat a group that, since the pandemic, is still very weak.

At the moment and thanks to this data it is clear Barbie y Oppenheimerin a deliberately common phenomenon such as Barpenheimerwe were able to complement each other and attract millions of people to it refresh yourself physically and mentally, in theaters around the world. So much so, that their joint premiere made this the fourth best opening weekend in history at the US box office, a particularly remarkable phenomenon since neither is a movie about superheroes, whose Olympus is usually booked from “No Tickets Left”.

Director Christopher Nolan and actor Cillian Murphy at the premiere of Oppenheimer in London on July 12, 2023.Maja Smijakowska (Reuters)

Both films break some records. BarbieAfter a massive campaign of marketing, It became the film directed by a woman with the best opening numbers in the United States. It’s also already the title with the best opening of 2023, passing around 10 million movie about Super Mario Bros, Nintendo video game plumber, Plus the latest Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy franchises. It’s also the best premiere of his two heroines, Ruby – also producer – and Gosling, and at best for Warner beyond a DC Comics movie or sequel. next to, Oppenheimer It became Nolan’s third highest-grossing film upon its release, behind two films The Dark Knight. It is the third-best opening for a biopic after sniper in 2014 y The Passion of Christfrom 2004.

The numbers indicate that both films far exceed their production costs. Barbie Assumed $145 million; He has already doubled those numbers. Oppenheimer Its cost is 100. The two managed to make the penultimate weekend in July the only one for which there are recordings in the US where one film crosses 100 million and another reaches 50. It is estimated that in their home country, around 200,000 people bought tickets to see both over that weekend.

A third, unexpected phenomenon is added to them: Independent Film Episode Freedom’s voiceAnd Freedom’s voice, a film that has been in a drawer since 2018 and the rights to which are made by Angel Studios, which is distributing it thanks to crowdfunding for a total of 7,000 people five million dollars. It has managed to cross $110 million since its premiere, on July 4, with the true story of Tim Ballard, a former US government employee who goes to Colombia and from there disarms a child trafficking network. A controversial work that dazzled even Donald Trump, who organized a press release at his home in New Jersey that was attended by his producers – Mexican radical Catholic Jorge Verastegui and founder of a far-right party in Hollywood – and his director and controversial hero, Jim Caviezel.

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