Barbie sneaks into the candidates’ reflection day

Walking, being with family or playing sports, but above all resting after the intense campaign of 23J, are the activities on the personal agendas of the candidates for prime minister on this day of reflection, although there are also highlights such as Yolanda Díaz, who signed up for a social day from Vermouth and the cinema to see the film Barbie.

the general election campaign July 23 was marked by an intense rhythm of gatherings, in some cases with daily doubles and even outdoors despite the high temperatures, and in the case of Pedro Sánchez (PSOE) with the commitments of the European presidency, but today comes the day of rest: the day of reflection.

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Silvia Angulo

Leaders will use this day without commitments for personal matters that they deem necessary and, as reported, will be marked by comfort and family company, especially in the case of Alberto Núñez Figo (PP), who will be in La Coruña, and Santiago Abascal (Fox).

Only Sanchez and Diaz seem to have a somewhat different agenda, since it is known from the head of the executive that, in addition to spending it with the family, he will do some sport, while Diaz preferred a somewhat more sociable day, in the summer heat in the center of Madrid, “with friends”, sources from his training explained in detail.

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long time candidates.

And Diaz’s attendance at the cinema to watch the iconic film of that American blonde doll, whose lifestyle has made millions of girls and teens dream since the 1960s, caused Sommer’s characters to populate, with plenty of humor, with a clear flair for campaigning to the last minute by any means.

Yolanda drives a pink Barbie sports car with Ken, pictured as Sanchez and in the back of the car: “She’s the best, he’s simply Ken,” the photo reads.

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The campaign ended last midnight, and since then, according to the electoral law, “election propaganda cannot be published or any electoral action undertaken”: it is the well-known day of reflection.

According to the latest Center for Social Research (CIS) election survey, announced Monday, there are still 12.1% of undecided voters, which is similar or somewhat lower than that indicated by other demographic firms on the last day that polls can be published, so there will be citizens who use this day to reflect on the meaning of their vote.

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Congress lights up on the occasion of 8 p.m

The candidates have been announced that they will ask the above-mentioned questions on the Saturday before the big election event, always explaining that they will vote for themselves and that at any moment they can be seen doing some activities that they have not announced:


In addition to being with the family, the head of government has been known to do some sport. One of the things he does most at the moment is cycling, because when he has free time he likes to cycle through the areas of the Sierra de Madrid, sometimes accompanied by his wife, Begonia.


This day the leader of the people will spend a vacation with his wife and son in A Coruña, where he will walk around the city center. On Sunday, the day of the vote, he will head to the Ramiro de Maezto School in Madrid at 11 am.


It is known from the Vox leader that he will “think,” as sources from the formation said, and that he will have a remarkable family day.


At 1 pm you will be in a bar on Calle Noviciado in Madrid “with friends” for a win, and in the afternoon you will go to the cinema with friends and with the spokesperson for feminism, equality and LGTBI + rights and freedoms, Elisabeth Duvall. He will vote on Sunday at the Higher Technical School of Mining and Energy Engineers, on Rios Rosas Avenue.

in Catalonia

Without alarms interrupting their sleep in the morning, the heads of the list of Catalan political forces with representation in Congress will take advantage of the day of thought to rest after an intense summer election campaign, and they will go for a walk, some by the sea, and relax with family and friends.


Gabriel Ruffian

Gabriel Ruffian, number one in Congress for Barcelona, ​​plans to run in the mountains, specifically in the Sierra de la Marina, next to Santa Coloma de Gramente (Barcelona), one of his favorite natural refuges for the sport.

In the afternoon, he’ll rest at home, though his initial plan has undergone a small change: he’s planned to see the final chapter of the series on Saturday. SuccessionBut he couldn’t take it anymore and finally devoured it this week.


Meritxell Batet

Congress President Meritxell Pate, who is a candidate for the Peace and Security Council in this election, will go for a walk by the sea with her mother, with whom she will stop to have breakfast and have a quiet conversation.

He then travels to Altafulla (Tarragona) to visit some friends he has not been able to see in recent weeks.


Miriam Nogueras

Last Thursday, July 20, was the birthday of the eldest son of Miriam Nogueiras, head of the JxCat list, with whom he was barely able to spend time, the day he only turned 14.

This Saturday he hopes to make up for it: he’ll be home with the family, they’ll prepare grilled meats to eat with some friends, and he’ll take a walk in his hometown, Cardio (Barcelona).

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Here is Vidal

In her debut as the main candidate for Sumar-En Comú Podem, Aina Vidal will take advantage of the day of reflection to eat a good rice bowl with her group of friends.

It is a tradition they have kept for years and that this time Vidal and his friends will be celebrating in Montmelo (Barcelona).

PDeCAT-Espai CiU

Roger Montagnola

Roger Montagnola, PDeCAT-Espai CiU’s front-runner in this election, plans to take a dip after breakfast at a Maresme beach – he admits he needs to “touch the waters of the sea” – then he’ll eat with his partner, he won’t forgive him, and in the afternoon he’ll drink a beer with friends, before lounging on the sofa at home.


Nacho Martin White

In the morning, PPC candidate Nacho Martín Blanco plans to have breakfast with the President of the People’s Party of the Province of Barcelona and Mayor of Castelldefels, Manu Reyes, who gave him a “cool reception” in the party after his signature from the CS, ahead of the campaign.

Later, Martín Blanco will go look for his children back from some colonies and will spend the rest of the day with his family.


Juan Jose AizCorp

This Saturday, Juan José Aizcorp, Head of Fox List at Congress Barcelona, ​​is obligated to attend a friend’s wedding.

For the rest of the day, he expects to be with his family, to regain her strength for the next day’s vote.


Albert Butran

UEFA Cup number one Albert Botran in Congress for Barcelona is having a “very family day”: he plans to be home almost all day, although at night he met up with friends for dinner.

“I will do what I haven’t been able to do in 15 days, which is to be with my partner, family and friends, whom I haven’t seen much in these days of the campaign,” he explains.

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