Barcelona makes the termination of Mirotic’s contract responsible

FC Barcelona officially announced this afternoon through a statement the termination of the contract of Nikola Mirotic (32 years old, Pogdorica). Although his official status was confirmed today, Montenegro’s departure had been a fact for two months when the player himself confirmed that Barcelona does not want him to continue because of his high record (five million net per season). Terminated unilaterally because no agreement was reached with Mirotic’s representatives.

“FC Barcelona has today officially informed the legal representatives of Nicolas Mirotic of the decision to terminate the professional contract of the basketball player for the first team that linked him to the club until June 30, 2025. This procedure was restricted in accordance with the economic regulations and the feasibility plan drawn up by FC Barcelona,” reads the statement issued by the entity of the Blaugrana .

Once the unilateral annulment is formalized, it remains to be seen how his contract will be resolved economically. In recent weeks, both club representatives and Mirotic have been negotiating the liquidation of the contract. On the player’s side, they want to collect the rest of the contract, as he still has two years to go. If no agreement is reached, everything will be decided in court. The main reason for the termination is to comply with the feasibility plan agreed with La Liga, in which the Catalan club was forced to reduce its spending in the professional divisions. Despite this, the Spanish nationalized Montenegrin wanted to continue in Barcelona and was willing to negotiate a reduced salary.

Nikola Mirotic He was the All-Star Basketball team’s Player of the Year upon arrival in 2019. He left the NBA offers to return to Europe and become the captain of the eternal rival of his former team: Real Madrid. During his four years at Barcelona he won two leagues (2021 and 2023), two Copa del Rey (2020 and 2022) and was present in three Europa League finals (2021, 2022, 2023) and that European title was the big outstanding issue. On his way through Barcelona.

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