Brian Harman wins the British Open, John Rahm is second

Golf is so cool because people like Brian Harman. There is certainly no sport more favorable For the victory of a minor actor. Glory can be the most unexpected player when the greatest personalities on the planet are in contention. This is the only way to explain that Harman, the 36-year-old American who has presented himself as the world’s No. 26 and has two away victories (2014 and 2017) on the American circuit as his greatest achievement, on Sunday at Royal Liverpool raised the historic Claret Jug. British Open Champion ahead of golfers in the superior hierarchy. The short left-hander (1.70m) Harman played accurately against the clock and celebrated his first big shot with a sub-par 13-shot finish, six ahead of John Rahm, Tom Kim, Seb Straka and Jason Day, and seven over Emiliano Grillo and Rory McIlroy. Scotty Scheffler stopped on par, Cameron Smith dropped to +1 and Adrian Otaegwe dropped to +5.

see them burdened b to hit to bird At 18 that second place was his best finish for a Briton after a third podium finish in 2021. The Basque had been aiming for An epic comeback for his third Grand Slam title He joined Seve Ballesteros as the only Spaniard to accept the FA Cup. National account in Main The Brits will remain frozen in the three Sundays that crowned the Cantabrian geniuses in 1979, 1984 and 1988, the last 35 years before.

Ram swam in the Liverpool pool from his very first dive British, drenched in good and continuous rain. His first blow visited the decisive day rough From the left, the detour was scary because the Basques got out of the pool with a good second hit green And the husband is in the pocket. He was a beginning roughly attributable to the beginning of the previous memorable day, Limit the gum on the first four stations until it appears on the first five of the day. On that fifth hole, luck winked at Ram. His ball landed in some bushes to the right of the fairway, but it fell unobstructed in a fairway between the hedgerows, the path miraculously clear, and from there he hit a shot that left him in a position to throw for the first time. bird Today to tighten the distances. Harman had already felt the wild beasts chasing his neck. Leader, a fan of fishing who stands with him on social media AchievementsThis time it was the hunter, the prey. A second bad shot at No. 2 ruled him an A chip and two Put who brought ghost He fueled all doubts of great ambition. He also suffered another walk through the bushes in the third, a fracture he could no longer overcome in the fifth. Just where Ram’s ball missed the trap, Harman’s delivery slipped: in the middle of the bush and an all-consuming hit until he returned to the fairway, a draw doubled with to hit oblique. affiliate bird from spanish to ghost From the American on the same tile, and in a five-hole gap that went from six strokes of lease to three (-10 for -7). It was raining and breezy in Liverpool but the Open was burning.

For Harman, every hole was a test, and the candidate passed the first litmus test after the first two slides. In what way a bird In level 3 of the 6 and another in the 7 with bingo from seven meters, they came back in the moment of the loot he gave up and a good dose of oxygen. The man also started Saturday hesitantly, then his pulse stabilized. Same recipe now. The British Open has been held in every corner of the Royal Liverpool FC. Assault by assault and when the bell rang at the end of the first nine holes, Harman was the points champ. The left-hander fought back with a -12 and from behind everything was elbowing for second. Ram retreated with a ghost at 9 when it fails to hit Out of torque, McIlroy lost speed after rushing three birds On the first five holes, Young, Grillo, Day, Straka and Fleetwood were leading at an insufficient rate. In the middle of the last round, five strikes in favor of the leader.

Hunting is also a strategy, Harman says. The education he says applies to the game of golf. In the second section of the tour it was a matter of washing clothes, putting them away, adding pairs and not getting into trouble. Keep calm as a person who waits for hours, hidden among the trees, until the animal he wants appears. The target, Claret Jug, was clearly visible in his peephole, and the group of stalkers found it difficult to shake the sight to make him tense. Ram Pars added on the 10th and 11th hole On Saturday eat in one bite with driver. This time it was not a smitten golfer graced with a stick, but a mid-water golfer in Liverpool. Yes, Basque never lowers his arms in those situations in which other characters get carried away. This is how the pair fought in the previous 12 rodeos roughleaving it vs bird In the third level of 13 last attempt return.

The Masters champion has not yet said his last word, and even more so when Harman skated with ghost At the same stopping point the distance is reduced again (-11 vs. -7). But Ram returned the gift on the 14th, exactly where the roles were swapped: bird for the American with a to hit Majestic 12 meters f ghost for spanish. For Harman, that was the sign of the champion, and he really dedicated himself to walking through the final holes offering ammo and with the certainty that the glory was his (and also a three million dollar check, the largest in tournament history). There was no discussion of his victory. As Ram puts it, “He won by six shots, that’s golf.” From now on it is no longer secondary.

Final rankings for the British Open.

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