Bronnie James, son of LeBron James, admitted after he suffered a cardiac arrest during training

LeBron James is the great star of basketball and sports in the United States, and his eldest son, Bronie James, is following in his footsteps. It was learned this Tuesday that the 18-year-old had a heart attack Monday morning while training with his team at the University of Southern California (USC), one of the most prestigious private universities in the country. And the young man had to be taken to the hospital and put in the intensive care unit, from where he had already left, but he is still under observation. A family spokesperson sent out a statement to reassure his followers: “Yesterday, while training, Bronie James suffered a heart attack. The medical staff managed to treat Bronie and take him to the hospital. Now he is stable and has already left the intensive care unit.”

“We demand respect and privacy for the James family,” the released memo continues, “and will update the media when there is more information.” LeBron and [su esposa] Savannah would like to extend her sincere thanks to the medical and athletic staff at USC for their amazing work and dedication to keeping their players safe.” According to Celebrity Portal TMZwhich was the first to provide the information, emergency services received a call shortly before 9:30 a.m. Monday from the USC campus that a young man was unconscious. An ambulance rushed to pick him up and took him to the hospital.

Bruni, who will be nineteen years old next October, He is the eldest son of Lebron. 38, and his wife, Savannah (née Brinson), 36. His arrival in the world occurred in 2004, when the player was in His first year, is Junior year or a major league rookie year. From a young age, Bruni followed in his father’s footsteps and showed interest in basketball, until last May when the NBA announced that the youngster was going to play this season in the NCAA before turning professional. There he was training with the USC Trojans, a notable educational center and also a quarry for professionals thanks to his good athletic form.

After going through the Sierra Canyon Institute, where he played as a base for the Trailblazers and graduated in May, Broni James drew the attention of teams from Ohio, Oregon or Kentucky, who wanted to take a young man, over 190 cm tall, to their university championships. Finally, he chose the USC Trojans program, the eternal rival of the also prestigious University of Los Angeles. Both are located in Los Angeles, where the James family has resided since 2018. LeBron is The leading scorer in the history of the NBA. The superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James has expressed on more than one occasion his desire to play in the same leagueAnd maybe on the same team with his eldest son. In mid-July he confirmed that at the age of 38 and at an excellent sporting moment, he still had no intention of leaving the stadiums as a professional. “The day I can’t give my all on the ring is the day I’m done. Lucky for you, that’s not today,” he joked on Day 12, during the ESPY Awards, which are presented annually by the sports television network ESPN. If Bronny’s sports career continues as it has thus far, he’ll be available for Draft from the NBA next year, in 2024, and thus the basketball star can fulfill his dream of playing, at the age of almost forty, with his son.

In the United States, basketball is a religion and its most prominent members are treated like royalty. They are loved, adored, photographed at every turn, depicted on street murals, vilified if they make mistakes, and applauded for their accomplishments. In short, pop culture stars. That is why their families have become epics and the children of great stars are noticed at every step. Some, the best, follow in the footsteps of their parents, with more or less success, or at least try. that happens With LeBron James, the NBA star And a sports legend. His three children with his wife, Savannah, include James, Bruni, Bryce, and Jory NovaThe eldest is trying to make a name for himself in basketball. However, we will have to wait and see how this health setback affects and what its consequences are for the future of his sports career.

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