Businesses are urged to form a government so as not to delay ongoing projects

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narrow election result Opinion polls on Sunday left open two important questions: Will the parties be able to form a government? And above all, when? After consulting the country’s major employers’ and business associations, they all agreed that it is always uncertainty that hurts economic activity and investment the most. In fact, they warn about it Spain cannot afford to delay the implementation of projects linked to European fundsThere is no doubt about the degree of legal security of the country. For this reason, the request they repeat most often is that “regardless of political colour”, a government is formed as soon as possible so as not to leave ongoing proceedings on standby and to have “good interlocutors” with whom to deal with pending issues as soon as possible.


The General Manager of the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (Aecoc), Jose Maria Bonmati, confirmed that stage that opens With the election results, the matter became “more complicated”, but at the same time he was confident that the new legislature would provide “the institutional stability and legal certainty necessary to foster the business activity and economic growth our country needs.”

He pointed out that the new cabinet “has the responsibility to implement policies that encourage an increase in the fabric of business.”


National Association of Independent Builders (ANCI) president Concha Santos, B Immediate formation of the government which works for the welfare and progress of the country in its triple social, environmental and economic aspects.”

To do so, he referred to some of the classic claims of this association. Bidding for public contracts with updated budgets at market prices or creating a regulatory framework allowing the use of a system of public-private cooperation are just some of them.


Considered the general secretary of Andimac, the national association of distributors of ceramics and building materials A political blockade would be harmful at this time To grow investments co-financed with NextGeneration Funds.

“Let’s remember that property rehabilitation policies are long-term, that it is necessary to plan beyond the receipt of European funds until 2026 and that 82% of the Spanish building stock has low energy quality,” he added.


Without leaving the premises, the President of the CNC Master Employers Association, Pedro Fernandez Allen, shows himself Concerned about the time it takes to form a government He warns that the implementation of infrastructure and housing needs “legislative and economic motivation.”


In the same vein, the president of the main employers’ association in the real estate sector, APCE, Juan Antonio Gomez Pintado, states that “Uncertainty is not positive for the economy in general And housing in particular. In the development market, legal nullification and invalidation in urban planning due to formal defects delaying final land construction requires immediate attention, in order to stem rising housing prices.”


The Association of Electric Power Companies (Aelec) insists that, given the current context, “the resulting government must promote the decarbonization of the economy and its competitiveness, because it is essential for the development of the country. In this sense, sustainability and profitability must go hand in hand, replacing fossil fuels with renewable energies. All this without forgetting to protect the most vulnerable customers, who must find in us an ally who defends the model of a more sustainable and efficient country.”

Anfac and Faconauto

Two of the most representative associations in the automotive sector also wanted to recall the importance of having a CEO as soon as possible. They made it clear that it was necessary to continue making decisions almost immediately, “like the continuation of the Moves plan,” claimed Marta Blázquez, president of Faconauto, the employers’ trades union.

For its part, Anfac, an association that brings together manufacturers, He appeals to the future cabinet to move forward as quickly as possible. “If we want Spain to become the second European manufacturer of automobiles in 2035 and to attract investment from large multinational companies, we must maintain an active industrial policy with strong budgetary support. We must not forget that the sector contributes more than 10% of GDP and 9% of employment,” explained José López Taval, Managing Director of Anfac.


Victor Calvo Sotelo, Director General of the DigitalES Association, which includes telecommunications operators, stressed that it is important that “the new government becomes aware of issues related to digitization that should be supported, monitored or regulated, in many cases in coordination with the rest of the European Union”.

According to the director, Spain has one of the best communication networks in the world, “thanks to the investments made by the industry, even during the most difficult years, but also Thanks to the regulation that provided legal certainty to companies and public policies that were able to effectively complement and encourage diffusion into smaller municipalities.”


They asked the Spanish association for the digital economy, Adigital, not to keep the country and its digital agenda on standby after the election result. The results open up several scenarios for us, but we hope that it will make it easier to govern the country. The opposite would mean the loss of many months of political leadership,” considered Miguel Ferrer, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Public Agenda for Adigital.

in this line, This organization plans to propose it to the next executive branch Promote a delegated digital affairs committee involving all ministries that defines policies and regulations that have an impact on digitization.


Another association representing the digital industry sector, Ametic, believes that “it’s time for the major parties to agree to launch a consensus that goes beyond the legislature, namely state charters rather than short-term government programs,” suggests its president, Pedro Meyer. This employer claims three such agreements. One for education and training, another for industry and a third for innovation, because “innovation and technological development are the main tools of a country’s competitiveness.”

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