Butran left the first political line after failing to achieve CUP representation in Congress

CUP’s candidate for Barcelona in the general elections last Sunday, Albert Botran, announced he was leaving the front line of politics after failing to gain representation in Congress. Butran said goodbye as the visible face of the party through a thread on Twitter, where he directed self-criticism and explained that it was “going into the background”.

CUP, which picked up two Representatives in the first general election it ran in 2019, was disqualified from Congress in 23-J after losing nearly two-thirds more voters than in the last general election.

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Silvia Hinojosa

Buteran did indeed make a self-criticism on the very night of the election, insisting that “popular unity needs to be re-established”. A CTU spokesperson criticized the independence movement as “lacking credibility and strategy” and added that there was “a lot of partisanship but at the same time little discussion”. In the same context, the MP emphasized that the CUP remains a “essential” political space for the country.

Through his personal Twitter account, Putran thanked CUP voters and fellow party members and showed “pride in serving my people”. The CUP representative assured that it would continue to “fight for the Republic of Catalonia wherever it is necessary”.

Botran was, in 2007, one of the founders of the party in Moulin-de-Ray, where he ran in the municipal elections of the CUP in 2011 and was elected councilor.

In July 2015, he participated in the CUP primaries for the elections to the Parliament of Catalonia in the same year, his candidacy receiving 67% of the vote. Thus, he was ranked fifth in the CUP list for Barcelona, ​​where he was elected vice president.

Since February 2018, he has been part of the CUP leadership, and in 2019 he managed to enter Congress as a deputy for the Anti-Capitalist Party.

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