Can AI help you create the perfect resume? We tell you the secrets

The arrival of artificial intelligence for many is shocking news in the world of work, as new digitization and replacement possibilities for humans are expected to eliminate many jobs that currently make up the daily lives of millions of people around the planet.

However, it is absolutely true that many jobs will disappear as new ones will be created due to the change in the production model, so it will be necessary to adapt and take advantage of artificial intelligence and all its capabilities to find work efficiently and without getting lost in the world of online job search.

You can now take advantage of all that artificial intelligence has to offer us to help you in your job search. jobscan It is a platform that allows you to tailor your resume to the job offer you want to submit by matching keywords, topics, and other elements.

The goal of this tool is to overcome the first barrier that every department faces when hiring new employees, which is artificial intelligence that automatically determines whether the resumes that arrive are suitable and meet the requirements of the job, so Jobscan gives you advice and adjusts your profile so that it is as close as possible to the company’s request.

For example, they may ask you to enhance your resume, such as adding the exact name of the job you held, identifying computer programs you know how to use, or including key functions of each work experience with some keywords.

Advancements in artificial intelligence have affected both companies and workers


Jobscan will also help you create a cover letter by copying and pasting the work and learning experiences you have into your resume, saving time and generating eye-catching copy to eventually get a result that matches what the company is looking for.

To go ahead and go directly to the job interview stage, there is also a tool based on artificial intelligence which is really revolutionary. Yodley It is a platform that simulates job interviews and gives you tips and words that you should add in your answers.

Based on millions of interview examples from HR departments, Yoodli will put you to the test with the questions that always raise eyebrows in these teams and help you optimize your answers so that they say everything headhunters are looking for.

Train yourself on AI to get the most out of it

Using these tools is a good way to improve your efficiency when looking for work, but the real ability of artificial intelligence to help you improve your career is through an exercise. The complex accessibility of this technology opens up a world of challenges and opportunities that you can take advantage of through learning.

he MSc in Artificial Intelligence It teaches you topics such as data mining, business world, market needs, artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, deep learning, business applications, and data science, among others of great interest.

he Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence It provides you with a comprehensive view of the most relevant components and elements in the artificial intelligence environment, their application in modeling processes, as well as analysis of the impact and applications of this technology in industrial and service companies.

he MSc in Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence He delves into the world of artificial intelligence and its possibilities thanks to machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.

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Having scientific and technological knowledge will be the best basis to start.

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