Can you vote with an expired DNI in the general election? And in a way?

In the July 23 general election, one of the doubts voters might have was whether they could vote with an expired DNI. The answer is yes. To be able to vote it is necessary to present any kind of identification, be it a passport, identity card or even a driver’s license. These may not be valid, but must be in their original format. The regulations state that photocopies are not accepted.

Citizens must go to the polling station and the corresponding polling station and identify themselves to members of the polling station in order to vote. Among the options for voters to know where they have to go to vote is a census card sent to homes and an electoral census registration consultation, which can be found on the official INIS website.

To vote, the voter must go to the schedule set by the census between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Both residence card (for nationals of other EU countries) and ID card (for foreigners whose countries do not have a reciprocal treaty with Spain to vote in general elections) are valid types of identification for 23-J. Either of the two must have a photo identification of the voter.

Election day starts at 9 am and ends at 8 pm. If there are still voters waiting to vote at the time polling stations close, they will be allowed to put their ballot papers into the ballot box. At that time, the audit will start and the results will gradually be known when the table enumeration is completed and reported.

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