Without words, there is no politics. With this force, two weeks ago Alberto Núñez Viejo claimed the “politics of the word”, the politics of sincerity and commitment. This sweet appeal would have been a tribute to José Varela Renduels, civil governor of Seville in July 1936, and to many of his contemporaries loyal men and women of the Second Republic who used sincerity to their own words and those of others as a measure of their actions. Varela Renduels made this very powerfully clear in his memoirs, many years later. “Even then, people believed not only in the word pledged, but also in the sincerity and truthfulness of simple statements.” And if a general claimed to be loyal to the republic and knew nothing of the coup, the suspicion was a crime. From our present, this certainty is shocking, and with the merit of those who know the end of the film, it seems to us naive. Their belief in the word of others has cost them many of their lives. “Time and circumstances will show us that the insignificant value of some words when given, and then not complied with, becomes a trick of war,” Don Jose lamented.

It was so nice that, on the eve of the anniversary of the coup, Vigo’s speech was a tribute to Parilla Renduels. Perhaps one of his campaign promises will not be to cancel the Democratic Memory Act. His impassioned defense of political sincerity may have been backed up by deeds and words. Because it is indeed unfortunate that such a noble endeavor has shared the cover with its partner, Maria Guardiola, retracting to the agreement with Vox, as instructed by Genoa. affiliate “I can’t leave the government To those who deny sexual violence, to those who use fat stroke, to those who dehumanize immigrants and to those who spread a tarp and throw the LGTBI flag in the trash”, to hand over the Ministry of Forestry and Rural World Management to Vox. Because Extremaduras deserves more than their word, he has apologized for himself. And the government is in its hands more than one missed opportunity to rule.

Thus, the words became the protagonists of Feijóo’s campaign. Those who claim sincerity and those who play with each other to plot alternative realities, such as the reality of PP voting in favor Re-evaluation of pensions with the consumer price index And not against. those that make up unworthy slogans, such as “Que te vote Txapote”, And those who do not speak up to condemn this exploitation of the pain of others. Those who threaten to throw a stone question about voting by mail, And those who quickly hide so as not to face the contradiction in referring to combating violence against women as a red line while mitigating in The “hard divorce” formula is condemned by Carlos Flores. Or the one that tiptoes when The President of the Valencian Courts leaves A minute’s silence in memory of a murdered woman not to appear next to the banner rejecting the sexual violence of which she was a victim. Because words matter. Above all, when one or the other is used, it signifies the affirmation or denial of concrete physical realities such as death, orphanhood, or terror.

And with this mixture of ambiguity and puns and some decline in sincerity, the word becomes a trick of war, not bloody as in 36, but electoral. All in service of the ultimate goal: Sanchismo cancel. Another equivocal play on the words the equivalent of winning and refereeing, but focusing on the other so we don’t assume that winning and refereeing means doing so with Vox. Because even in the hypothetical case that Feijóo achieves a solo inauguration with socialist abstentions that agrees to the proposed agreement that the list with the most votes shall rule (when the People’s Party wins), who will approve budgets? Who gives you their votes to carry out your actions, whatever they may be, in addition to cutting taxes? There is no government alone without agreements or missions when it needs the support of others, and the panorama of potential alliances does not make room for many groups. The current situation dictates yes or no The People’s Party to get Vox votes. This was done in the Balearic Islands, Extremadura or the Valencian Community. Barring an improbable outright majority, they would if they won the general election. With Abascal as Vice President or as an uncomfortable partner.

Refuting reality is childish and leads to retreat in the near future if it is accompanied by victory. Not attending a discussion of the four In order not to organize a mass, to participate later with a copy of the government’s charter or inauguration. It is time for Spanish politics to bet on maturity and in times when agreements are necessary, the word around which the discussions revolve is changed. Because the important thing is not who, but what. If he rules, the People’s Party will rule with Vox and lower his electorate to do so. The question is, will Feijóo let Vox set his agenda? What will he surrender to them? What won’t you give up? What voxist would he assume about him? Where to find it and where not? These are the missing words in this campaign.

Major later, hastily, denied substantial covenants Give bargaining power to whomever He denies sexual violence and climate change, criminalizes aliens, denies LGTBI science and the conquests it represents, and wants to abolish constitutionally self-governing societies or censor Disney-Pixar and Lope de Vega. How do you deal with international business with a partner who abhors the European Union and all the politics of “globalization” if you give them the initiative? The suffrage to rule with them is unenviable, but reality is stubborn, and to change it you have to begin by assuming it and act upon it with conviction. This requires a strong democratic advocacy and a clear identity to defend. Otherwise, the People’s Party risks leaving 23-J turned into a conservative party made of cardboard, like a beach blue summer that started the campaign.

The question is whether the Popular Party will overcome the identity crisis it has suffered since losing the hegemony of the right, a crisis involving a large portion of the conservative Western parties, disoriented by the emergence of anti-regime populist rivals, who do not flinch if they have to press ahead on whatever slippery issue the classical right dares to court. What does it matter if Vox doesn’t enter government if it ends up “voxing” itself? “What a beautiful day Fox entered the assembly for the first time and changed everything,” Rocío Monasterio told Isabel Diaz Ayuso at her last inauguration. This is how I thanked him for taking the important Vox procedure as his own in presenting his government platform as President with an absolute majority. And it is that the main danger of the People’s Party lies in its eagerness to do so Sanchismo cancelends up canceling itself.

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