Canceling trains between Valencia and Madrid already affects more than 9,000 people in the entire 23-J

High-speed train service between Valencia and Madrid continues to be canceled (no convoys can leave on Sundays) and there are already more than 9,000 passengers from Renfe, Iero and Uego affected who have had to be transported by other means such as shuttle trains or conventional track trains to other stations or buses.

A large number of people are waiting for rail traffic to resume at Joaquin Sorolla station.

Ana Escobar / EFE

“In fact, all customers have had or have had an alternative to getting around,” explained the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sanchez, on her social networks.

All this, in the middle of Election Day 23 J, which raised a lot of political dust on the part of the People’s Party – both Valencia and Madrid – which demanded from the early morning a solution that guarantees the right to vote for all those affected.

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Hector Sanjuan


As explained by this newspaper, the service was suspended after a fire broke out last morning in one of the access tunnels to the Joaquín Sorolla de Valencia station, which affected the pumping well and ended up flooding the tracks. The entrance and exit to Valencia station are now useless.

Adif explained, in a statement, that it works with an auxiliary pump that is already evacuating water from the San Isidro tunnel, which was flooded this morning as a result of a chest fire that affected the tunnel’s water pumps. The same sources indicated that a team of more than 50 people is participating in this process.

According to the latest data, the accident has already affected more than 5,000 Rinfe passengers – who have transferred to other modes of transport – and more than 4,000 passengers from Ouigo and the number to be determined from Iryo.

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