Carmen Calvo: “Rights have declared war on women”

Carmen is bald (Cabra, Córdoba, 66 years old) She was Vice President of the Pedro Sanchez government between 2018 and 2021, and remains one of the feminist leaders of the Socialist Workers Party. On 23J, he ran as President of the Granada List, as his candidacy was approved unanimously after initial hype.

ask. Pedro Sánchez called for “feminism and an inclusive discourse” in the face of “discomfort with some feminist discourses”. What was he referring to?

Answer. To a roadmap to feminism and equality that relates to the rights and expectations of all women, with our unemployment rate, with our pensions, with motherhood, with institutional equality… In short, with inclusion.

s. But do you understand that was a reference to the polemics of the Equality Ministry run by Irene Montero?

R was found. The president apologized for the unwanted effects of the law yeah just yeah, Which means a lot. A person who is clearly aware of this knows very well the terrain in which PSOE is practiced and ensured feminism. You know what our place is, which includes correcting aspects of the law, even after apologizing for some of the unwanted effects.

s. The Socialist Workers Party appeals to women to vote. According to the latest CIS, 29.8% will vote for PSOE, 24.7% for PP, 10.9% for Sumar and 5.4% for Vox.

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R was found. We are the party that ensured the growth of the quality of citizenship for women. Rights have openly declared war on us with a denial of violence and an attempt to repeal the 2004 law [de violencia de género], a law that has been copied by 52 countries in the world. When this happens, PSOE is the guarantee. The far right and the People’s Party have identified feminism as an adversary to be defeated.

s. PP is the first choice for women between 35 and 54 years of age.

R was found. They are young women who will work in jobs in universities, in positions of political responsibility, relevant to the job, there because before that there were feminists fighting to open up that space. They have every right in the world not to ask themselves where the positions they have now come from. But it’s part of the work we’ve done as feminists and PSOE.

s. Minister Diana Morant, chair of the PSOE list for Valencia, had to ask To be called by his last name in a debate with Esteban González Pons (PP) and Carlos Flores (Vox).

R was found. González-Ponce must write 5,000 times in a notebook “Mrs. Maurant, Mrs. Maurant, Mrs. Maurant”. And when I finish writing it, we’ll talk.

s. The concept of sanchismo has permeated.

R was found. They have no other argument than the president’s last name. That’s it. We don’t know anything else except to vote for everything we don’t. It’s insulting, mean, and disastrous given the scale of global problems out there.

s. What is the common denominator between censorship of plays or films, the elimination of environment ministries, or the suppression of equality councils?

R was found. It’s the real face, the unsullied reality of the People’s Party, that Vox doesn’t need to be so right-wing. On Sunday we have to stop that.

s. He has signed a statement of support for Sanchez With other ministers of socialist governments.

R was found. But how little they know us! We are the oldest and most important party in this country in militancy and in history. PSOE is where it should be, defending democracy, the preventive management we did in the most difficult moments.

s. Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero is dedicated to the campaign, and Felipe González is silent.

R was found. Here is Jose Luis’ personal decision. We thank you all very much. We can respect that Felipe doesn’t want that, but it would also be nice if he could help because he was a great secretary general and head of government.

s. Is the border voter between the People’s Party and the PSOE more important, or does it mobilize progressive abstaining voters?

R was found. The political center does not exist, what is present is the voices that move in the middle space. Our primary goal is for progressive people, people on the left who have voted for us for 45 years, to understand that they can’t stay home now.

s. Feijóo defends that the most voted list rules, Although he has not allowed the PSOE in Extremadura, the Canary Islands and in several town halls, and says he will contact the Socialist barons if he needs his party to abstain.

R was found. PP says this from the most voted list when it is useful to him, when he has water around his neck and he does not have the courage to do what he has to do, which is to tell Vox that he will never enter the government of Spain. That’s your business. And when they can’t do it, when they don’t want to do it, when they don’t know how to do it, they put on a PSOE skirt.

s. Will Sanchez continue to lead the party if he does not govern?

R was found. We focus on what is important, which is winning the elections and that Pedro Sanchez is the head of government.

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