Catalan candidates for Congress and Senate are encouraging people to vote on a hot election day

All 8,923 tables in 2,668 polling stations in 947 municipalities in Catalonia have been set up normally, and voters can exercise their right to vote from 9:00 am this Sunday. Voting will end at 8:00 p.m., although if someone remains inside the polling place at that time, the chairperson will allow the vote.

There were no notable incidents and “the usual setbacks were resolved before the schools opened or in a short period of time,” the Catalan government delegation said in a statement.

On this occasion, 5,703,737 electors are called in Catalonia: in the province of Barcelona, ​​4,243,485 are entitled to vote; in Girona 546,371; in Lleida, 317,224, and in Tarragona, 596,657.

The electoral system includes 9,108 police officers: 950 from the National Police Force; 1,135 Civil Guards; 4055 from Mossos d’Esquadra and 2968 from the local police.

Gabriel Ruffian voted in the Electoral College of Mercier Rodoreda in Badalona

Manny Espinosa / En

Ruffian calls for a vote “the day when you have the same power as those who exploit you, lie to you and take revenge on you”

The ERC’s congressional candidate for Barcelona, ​​Gabriel Ruffian, called for participation, stressing that today’s vote deserves the same for all people: “that everyone understands, unfortunately, the only day when everyone has the same power and the same ability to change and transform things.”

Ruffian encouraged people to go vote because today is the day when everyone has “the same power as those who take advantage of you, lie or take revenge on you”. He asked that “everyone knows”.

The head of the ERC list, who voted at the Rodoreda School in Badalona around 9:30 am accompanied by his mother, also warned that the “Party of Democracy” could end tonight, depending on the election result.

At noon, the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, spoke to the media after exercising his right to vote at his polling station in Pineda de Mar (Barcelona). The president warned that “today we play too much, too many elements of our present and our future,” and asked the public to “fill the ballot boxes with conviction.”


The leader of Juntes Per Catalunya, Miriam Nogueiras, votes at a polling station in Mataró

Alberto Estevez / EFE

Nogueiras encourages people to vote to show that “Catalonia is not just another province”

Miriam Nogueras, president of JxCat’s congressional list for Barcelona, ​​voted in Mataro where she called “everyone to vote, and it will be very clear that Catalonia is not just another Spanish province, that Catalonia is a nation. Therefore, everyone goes to vote and the message is clear: neither PP nor PSOE, Catalonia”, he stressed.


Head of Barcelona’s PSC roster, Meritxell Batet

Silvia Gardi/ACN

She became convinced that Catalonia would fulfill the demands of the elections

The president of Barcelona’s PSC list and the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Meritxell Batet, confirmed that she had “very good feelings” about the election day results after the vote at the Antoni Brusi School in Barcelona. In this regard, he noted, “every vote counts, and every vote can be decisive in determining the future of Spain.”

Bate encouraged people to vote and assured that “Catalonia will fulfill the demands of this crucial election” to determine the country’s future.

These “good sentiments” are shared by the First Secretary of the Council for Peace and Security, Salvador Illa, who went to vote in the Lope de Vega Cultural Center in La Roca del Valles. Elala thanked the work of all those involved in the electoral system, as well as post office employees, and called for participation in elections that she considered “historic”.

For his part, the head of the CPC list to Congress for Barcelona, ​​Nacho Martín Blanco, expects “very high turnout” and encourages voting so that “change begins in Spain with a remarkable historical result in the entire province of Catalonia”. After voting this afternoon in Barcelona’s Casal de Sant’Ildefons in the Sarria Sant Gervasi district, accompanied by his wife and children, Martín Blanco insisted on “turning the page on this dark period of Sanchismo”, as “we want Barcelona and Catalonia to be fundamental”.

The head of the CUP congressional list for Barcelona, ​​Albert Botran, encouraged this Sunday to vote for “options that hold”, even if with skepticism, because “the weight of the left and the independence movement in institutions do not generate favorable scenarios”.

The head of the Vox list for Barcelona, ​​Juan José Aizcorbe, deposited his vote at his polling station in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, and wanted to thank the work of the Vox team in a campaign “Unfortunately we have not been received by the media or by other parties with grandiose philosophy, quite the contrary”. He said that “important things” are being chosen in this election and “more” in Catalonia. He highlighted the “heroism” of his squad’s members, affiliates and sympathizers for their “suffering and sacrifice” that they made in some places in Catalonia as well as for their “fight for ideas”. “We hope things change today,” he concluded.

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