Catalonia is Sanchista, by Joaquín Luna

Far from falling apart because of Catalonia, Pedro Sanchez saved his head – we’ll see if Moncloa – thanks to the Catalan electorate, who pays off the breathable climate of Catalonia in 2023. The bad news is that in order to rule he needs the independence movement, despite the blows that the Peace and Security Council inflicted on him in all circles…

Pedro Sanchez proposed the comeback – a personal matter – and he partially achieved it. He’s daring, and if he was from Arkansas, they’d call him the comeback kid of the day, like Bill Clinton. The parallels are there. The Democrats nominated him believing that George W. Bush was unstoppable in the 1992 presidential election. Considering the fact that they were going to burn a candidate, the governor of Arkansas seemed like the perfect kid. Something like PSOE when he pointed to the door…

Bill Clinton died politically in the 1994 legislative election (mid-term elections): Democrats lost both houses of the Capitol, a stumble unprecedented since Truman in 1946. Something reminiscent of Sanchez’s stumble in mayoral elections. Clinton did not hesitate then to turn around and “remove” his wife from any responsibility and abandon his social goals, such as universal health coverage. Clinton remains in the White House in 1996. A survivor.

Sanchez, the daring man, was saved by fear: fear of the “trials” coming back, fear of Fox’s excesses

With the game of lies in this rollercoaster campaign, Pedro Sánchez is the only candidate who can form a government on the back of another miscellaneous pact with, once again, the pro-independence forces of the ERC and Bildu. Unique Partners: Their goal is to separate Spain from the democratic institutions of … Spain.

Pedro Sanchez is the only leader of this country, today, who is able to square the circle or how to form a government with this fragmented panorama. Like all survivors, he is flexible in principles and flexible in methods (not flexible when it comes to making PSOE submissive to his person). He did not hesitate to repeat the referendum – which he lost – in the May 28 municipal elections. And he got out alive.

Meritxell Batet participated in the PSC, the first force in Catalonia with 19 deputies

Libert Tuxedo

Catalonia became a Sanchista in 2023 for the same reasons why Sanchez did not give up yesterday in the elections, despite the victory of the People’s Party in the elections: fear. Pedro Sánchez got the votes of those in Catalonia who feared that Vox would revive street independence. And the vote of large sectors of Spain saw in the right-wing coalition a return to yesterday. Or the day before yesterday because, foolishly, Franco died 48 years ago. It is as if yesterday, according to the strategy of the socialist candidate …

Like Clinton after his fall in 1994, the PSOE leader has landed on his feet and can form a government

The political scene in Spain smells of siege and instability, as it has been since 2019, and it is the playing field on which Pedro Sanchez is considered the best. Damn Mr. Guardiola said. The best and the only one, something that its critics rave about and its proponents praise. Today, only Pedro Sanchez can cook something edible with the ingredients that Spanish voters – reluctant to recognize the Anglo-Saxon virtues of the bipartisan – sent in at the last election.

Always sleep peacefully.

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