Committee Working Hours: Until what time can you vote in the 2023 General Elections?

On Sunday, July 23, there will be general elections throughout Spain, which will determine the members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. Citizens will be able to start voting from nine in the morning, when polling stations open their doors. Voting will continue until 8:00 p.m. That will be when the doors close and the countdown begins.

To vote, voters must identify themselves with one of the following options: identity card, passport, driver’s license, residence card (EU nationals) or identity card (foreign nationals of countries with whom Spain does not have a mutual agreement to vote in municipal elections). These documents can be Spanish or issued by the country of origin. Any of them must contain a photo of the owner and must be presented in their original format; Photocopies will not be accepted.

If there are still voters inside when the polls close, they will be allowed to vote

You can only vote at the polling station and the polling station that corresponds to each voter (you must look at the census card sent to homes by the Electoral Statistics Office). They can do this from 9 am. However, schools will open early to form tables in the presence of the president, appointed members, auditors and agents of political formations.

Citizens will have time to vote until 8:00 pm, when all polling stations will close. If at that time there are still people who want to vote and have not done so, the table will let them vote. Then the audit will start. The votes will be counted to make up the Senate and the Congress, whose members must elect the Head of Government.

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