CUP has another unfortunate election night and is shut out of Congress

Polls last night settled the CUP’s dilemma of whether it should continue in the House of Representatives. It won’t. Anti-capitalists lose their two deputies in the last legislature and thus close the arc of their short existence in state politics, which lasted only four years.

“The results are bad. We didn’t achieve the goals we set ourselves “, admitted Barça’s roster president Albert Botran, who chose to repeat the position of vice president alongside Mireya Vihi, Girona’s roster president.

Butran appeared before the media scrutinized by 90%, when it was already clear that they had lost almost two-thirds of the voters who gave them their confidence in the last generals, in November 2019, and were left without representation in the next legislature. The formation submitted to its affiliates for consultation if 23-J was filed and they gave it the go-ahead, but it was up to the voters to decide. In numbers, about 97 thousand votes were obtained, 2.81%, compared to 246 thousand four years ago, 6.37%.

Butran admits defeat, but excludes the consequences: “Nothing is over today and no one is going home.”

The candidate asserted that they were unable to “pave the way for a pro-independence, left-wing, anti-fascist alternative in a context that has become very polarized” between the Social Democratic Party and the People’s Party bloc.

However, he defended that the CUP comes from afar and that most of its history has been spent outside the institutions: “Nothing ends today and nobody goes home. We’re very clear about that,” he added.

Words aside, yesterday was another fateful election night for anti-capitalists. The long faces in front of the party’s headquarters left no room for doubt, because the bad results of these elections are added to the results of the municipal elections just two months ago and confirm their inability to iron the hemorrhage of votes.

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“You have to practice self-criticism,” Potran emphasized in his appearance, in which he stressed that anti-capitalists must find answers to the loss of voter confidence. “It’s some homework we put in and that, of course, we’ll do,” he said.

Anti-capitalists focused this campaign on advocating for the self-determination referendum, which they had set as a condition of offering their support for the eventual inauguration of Pedro Sánchez.

In the last legislature, in which the goal of “preventing governance” for the state was raised, the CUP had a residual role. He was unable to form strategic alliances with other pro-independence formations in Congress, and opposed most of the government’s initiatives, a circumstance for which Sánchez chastised himself in Congress.

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