Defuse a mortar from the civil war in Huesca at an altitude of more than 2300 metres

The Civil Guard defused a 50 mm mortar bomb from the Civil War in Coladeta del Ipon de Plan (Huesca) at an altitude of 2340 metres.

The location of this artifact was signed on July 19 by a mountaineer who was hiking the GR 15 trail from Colladeta del Ibón de Plan and reported the finding to Benemérita, also providing photos and exact coordinates of the place where it was found, as indicated in a press release.

This fact was immediately reported to the Explosive Deactivation Group of the Civil Guard of Zaragoza (GEDEX), who set up a device to locate the device as quickly as possible, given that it was in a location close to the track, which the athletes run this season of the year.

The next day, July 20, the GEDEX specialists were flown in by members of the Huesca Air Unit with a Civil Guard helicopter and a GREIM specialist from Boltaña, since it was a hard-to-reach area.

Once the artifact was located, at an altitude of 2,340 metres, it was verified that it was a complete 50mm mortar grenade; And the remnants of another tail with the same characteristics, without an explosive charge. In a safe area, they are both neutralized by a controlled detonation.

They specify from the Armed Institute that if objects that could be explosives are accidentally found, it is not appropriate to touch or move them. The notification must be sent immediately by telephone “062”.

Likewise, they explained that taking pictures and geolocating these objects, especially if they are in mountainous areas, helps a lot when it comes to recognizing and locating the object in order to proceed with its removal and neutralization as soon as possible.

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