Diaz replies to Pilara: “Unidas Podemos got a million votes” on 28-M

The peace between Sumar and Leonidas Podemos ended one day after the elections when Ioni Pilara, Secretary General of Leonidas Podemos, He blamed the formation of the second vice president for the loss of votes To “renounce feminism and make Podemos invisible”. Diaz responded this morning to the leader of the sects, recalling that “Unidas Podemos received a million votes in the last municipal elections” in the 28 AD, stressing that Sumar had tripled the number of votes in the general elections last Sunday.

Acting Minister of Labor has claimed the hot red that “feminism does not belong to anyone” and that what her party defends is “feminism for the benefit of this, and this adds.”

Bilara accused Sumar of “abandoning feminism”

Yolanda Diaz replies that “feminism does not belong to anyone”

“Today the country is much better, and there is a lot of complacency among the progressives,” Diaz noted, adding that he came to know about Pilara’s words through the press. He added, “He did not tell me on election night, as the parties have their say.”

These words by Diaz are a response to the criticism of the Secretary General of Leonidas Podemos, who stressed last Monday that it was Podemos who “chose Yolanda Diaz to expand the space and rule more aggressively”, however, the balance is that “Sumar left more than 700,000 votes and many more seats compared to the worst result of Leonidas Podemos”.

Citizens sleep peacefully on 23-J”

Yolanda DiazSumar leader and Acting Second Deputy Prime Minister

The Sumar leader also commented on the current state of the political scene after the results of the general elections. Diaz conveyed the message of “calm to the citizens” and assured that “we will have a coalition government”. Diaz added: “Vigo’s erratic campaign led to Spaniards coming out in large numbers to vote and saying they wanted a progressive government.”

According to the Acting Second Vice-President of the European Union, “breathing is much better” in the European Union after Sunday’s results, and she said that “the citizens sleep peacefully on the 23-J”.

However, to reaffirm the coalition government, the PSP and Sumar must reach agreements and enlist the support of the various political formations. In this sense, Diaz affirmed “without a shadow of a doubt” that with so much support the government can achieve stability, and confirmed that he “spoke personally” with Jaume Asense to “work with all the Catalan forces”.

“Figo has no chance of taking office, he has no alliances,” Diaz noted.

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