Diego Lloras, candidate of Teruel Exist: “I will not support the government of the People’s Party and the government of Vox”

Diego Lloras (Teruel, 1996) was appointed by Teruel Existe to succeed Tomás Guitarte as a candidate for Congress. Economist and researcher, as a child he went with his parents to social movement demonstrations –that after a long time it became a party– But he was never a member of any formation and did not intend to go into politics. In 2019, he started as a volunteer for the Teruel Existe – which in that year attended a general election for the first time – after which he got a call from Guitarte to serve as his advisor in the Chamber of Deputies during the legislature’s now-ending term. He has been a promoter of such parliamentary initiatives Bill to protect city bars. He receives EL PAÍS in one of the social meeting places, in Autrillas (Teruel), where he stopped on campaign.

ask. Thomas Guitart has resonated powerfully in Congress in this legislature. Income at 58, do you aspire to be 27. Do you feel overwhelmed?

Answer. It’s quite a challenge. It is difficult for Khalifa to be such a person, but he conveyed his confidence to me in himself. My choice prompted me to put something different. People are tired of professional politicians. This is how you can see that Teruel Existe has a following and we give space to the youngsters. And here, it is this generation that is struggling to survive in the province.

s. Has the government adhered to the inauguration agreement it agreed to in 2019 to support Pedro Sanchez?

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R was found. They carried out about half of the agreement. The government says that 86%. Investment agreements have this difficulty: You sign them, you fulfill your role—supporting his inauguration—and the other has to comply later. You have to chase them through the ministries. It is also true that this legislature suffered from pestilence, volcano and war. The government could have done much more, but it was willing to comply.

s. in 2019, Guitarte was crucial to Sanchez’s investment. In your case, would you support Pedro Sanchez or Alberto Nunez Figo?

R was found. The important thing is that we have an agreement on our programme, but I have no preference for Sanchez or Figo.

s. Will you support a government from PP and Vox?

R was found. no.

s. If it depended on your abstention for the People’s Party to rule alone, without Vox, would you abstain?

R was found. Yes, but there must be a software agreement with PP. This is what is being tried in the Government of Aragon.

Diego Lloras during the interview.Antonio Garcia Garcia

s. What happened to the shift from a citizenship movement to political representation?

R was found. They are talking about Teruel, depopulation and empty Spain. Four years ago, this was not the case. We have changed the discourse of this country, and after this current has dragged us, other parties have begun to speak for the people. This is the most important thing, because after rhetoric come laws and policies. If we talk about more specific issues, Renfe confirmed last Sunday that next year there will be a railway between Teruel and Madrid, something the movement of citizens of Teruel Exist has fought for since 1999: the legislature was enough to have it [en el Congreso] to unlock it. This is one example, but there are others.

s. You never put yourself in the block on the left or the block on the right. Is it still like this?

R was found. Our defense of the land and the peoples. The left-right axis, when PSOE or PP rules, didn’t change much of that. Abbreviations are used to cover up shortfalls in work.

s. But on their show they also talk about other issues, such as the fight against sexual violence.

R was found. Yes, we think there are some minimums that we should agree on, such as condemning violence against women, and not discriminating against anyone because of whom they decide to love, or because they are Spanish or foreign.

s. But this election is very polarized between two blocs and you are on the sidelines. Do you think that in this context they can be excluded from Congress?

R was found. I hope that people who have the option to vote for platforms in Empty Spain understand that in their province it is beneficial to vote for that platform, which will defend their territory. Neither Figo nor Sanchez will worry, their priorities are elsewhere.

s. In this election, in addition to Teruel Existe, there is 11 other blank spain formations. According to the polls, with the exception of Teruel Existe and Soria ¡Ya! , It is very difficult for the rest to win a seat. Will you be the voice of these formations in the event of renewal of your seat?

R was found. Our commitment is to be the voice of all Spain that has emerged from its inhabitants. This is not Turolense nationality. We have a country model that understands that the country should be more balanced at the population level.

s. There is controversy, particularly in Teruel, On how the development model of renewable energy parks should be. what is your location

R was found. On the one hand there are the large gardens. There must be a freeze, there can’t be another big park until the territory is arranged: you take maps of the independent communities and decide where you want to put them, based on landscape and economic criteria. Where they can be installed, a law shall be created to return the benefits to the territory. There is now a tax, but no municipality charges enough. If this is not done, farmers and rural tourism workers leave and no one replaces them, more depopulation will be generated. If a renewable energy park increases population, we can agree, as long as environmental and landscaping standards are met. We support renewable and regulated energy.

Diego Lloras speaks with residents of Utrillas who are collecting signatures to maintain night ambulances in municipalities in the area.
Diego Lloras speaks with residents of Utrillas who are collecting signatures to maintain night ambulances in municipalities in the area.Antonio Garcia Garcia

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