“Dog power,” an old Pedro Sanchez tweet revived at 23J

The Simpsons actually predicted it. It is a frequent game on networks to find parallels between what is being broadcast in the series and current events. On election night for the 23J General Election, some Twitter users once again delved into one of Spain’s coolest internet archives: Pedro Sanchez’s old tweets.

“I think that these tweets, if they show something, is that I never in my life thought I would be head of government,” Sanchez said. In a podcast interview Albija and Quinqui. There are indisputable classics such as the already famous “With my colleagues at Luna Rosa, I eat great pizza”but when it comes to commenting on the transcendental events in his career, there are two options: either resurrect the genres Home, it’s time. Or something like that on Sunday, when there seems to be a party of Sanchez’s interests.

In this campaign with a large prominence of sanxe dog – The meme invented by the child, encourage the right And the left is the protagonist-, there is an old tweet of yours that has gained unprecedented popularity: message in which he recommended the novel “Dog Force” (May Thomas Savagemaybe La Di Don Winslow), written in 2011.

Among those revived while counting election nights is this:

On this page, you can see all the data on the results of the general elections. Also from municipality to municipality. check you out. Here’s a file Feedback on the results of 23J.

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