El Puig closes four beaches to bathing after a grainy white substance appears

The town of El Puig banned showers on four of its beaches after the appearance of a white granular material late yesterday afternoon that pushed the sea towards the coast.

Thus, the council made the decision to raise the red flag on the beaches of Medea, Puig Val, the old fisherman’s quarter and Els Blanes.

The City Council reports that it has contacted 112, Salvamento Marítimo, Generalitat, and Aguas de Valencia so that samples can be taken and analyzed for the origin of this substance “as soon as possible” to determine if it is a harmful substance.

Samples will be taken and the origin of this material will be analyzed “as soon as possible.”

The House of Representatives indicated that they realize this situation can be “an inconvenience to our beach lovers” but added that “everyone’s safety is our priority.”

In this way, while the relevant investigations are being carried out, the beaches will continue to be closed on the recommendation of experts.

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