Ernst Urtasson: “It was very important for Catalonia that PP and Vox not have a majority”

Sumar’s spokesperson, Ernst Urtason (Barcelona, ​​41), spoke to EL PAÍS less than 24 hours after a traumatic election night, with Left resisted at the polls, but without a clear majority. The MEP advocates “dialogue” with all the formations to achieve the inauguration, as well as with the Junts per Catalunya, of previous president Carles Puigdemont, who announced on Monday the start of contacts. Ortasson describes the 31 seats in Yolanda Diaz’s formation as “successful”, calls for “modernizing the government’s program” with the Socialist Workers’ Party, and announces the holding of the first Sumar Assembly after the summer.

ask. Sumar rules out re-election. Is it an obstacle that Spain is now relying on Carles Puigdemont?

Answer. We believe the right set a frame in this election, that their victory is done, and We were able to completely change the script. Feijóo does not have a majority to be sworn in as president and there is only one possible inauguration, a repeat of the Progressive Coalition agreement. From today we start working in two ways. We have invited the SWP to sit down now to close a coalition agreement and a ministerial charter and we will also be engaging this week with all the parties who have to make up this inaugural majority, which are many and varied. Nobody thinks of giving PP and Vox a second chance, so it’s important that it be done successfully.

s. So you don’t see it as a hindrance?

R was found. We will try to collect this honor with all the parties that can bring it together. From this point of view, we will talk with Esquerra Republicana and with Junts per Catalunya.

Nobody thinks of giving PP and Vox a second chance

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s. What can you offer Puigdemont now, when the PSOE will not accept a referendum or an amnesty?

R was found. What we want now is for this assignment to be successful, and therefore, we will talk to everyone. We have our thoughts about Catalonia, we said it in the campaign. We believe the most important thing is to deepen dialogue. It was also important for the situation in Catalonia that PP and Vox not form a majority, because Santiago Abascal himself said that if they rule the situation in Catalonia it will be worse than it was in 2017. Fortunately, we no longer have that risk.

s. The Public Prosecutor’s Office asked Judge Larena on Monday to order Puigdemont’s arrest. Do you support his prosecution?

R was found. About the two cases, as well as that of Clara Ponsati, be careful, because I do not know the details. But we are a political group that has always been committed to dialogue and trying to find political solutions to political problems. I think when we’ve done it, and we’ve done it in recent years, it’s gone better and it’s indisputable that the situation in Catalonia today is much calmer than it was a few years ago. The dialogue will be our banner.

s. because 31 seats is a good resultAfter 35 from United, can we in 2019?

R was found. The left came out in a very low state of mind after the municipal elections. The result was very low, a million votes, and now there are three. Sumar is the first time he presented himself and won 31 seats. It has greatly increased the level of support in connection with the recent municipal and regional elections and allows for the re-certification of the coalition government, which is the reason for its great success.

We are trained to run any area of ​​the government

s. Ioney Pilara said on Monday that the strategy Sumar’s ‘Abandoning Feminism’ ‘Didn’t Work’. To what do these phrases belong?

R was found. We advocate 99% feminism. We have denounced the war of the sexes in which Monsieur Abascal wants to set us up, and we have done it vigorously and resolutely. And I think so That’s 99% feminist What we represent today is one of the great levers of social transformation, as feminism has been in recent years. We will continue to push in this direction.

s. And what do these critics respond to?

R was found. Everyone can make their own assessments.

Ernst Ortason, on Monday at the Sumar headquarters.Alvaro Garcia

s. They have already asked to work in the government structure with PSOE, what organizational chart do they have in mind?

R was found. We do not want to wait for the inauguration of the failed Mr. Feijóo, we all know that he does not have the numbers to invest and we must start working now. For us, it is very important, first of all, to update the government program. There are important things that need to be in place: reduced hours, cart, rents, or increased ambition in the fight against climate change. Then, this should be reflected in an ambitious governance structure. We are able to manage any area. The government structure must be designed to be able to implement the program we agree on as efficiently and ambitiously as possible.

s. Will they claim the position of Vice President of Feminists?

R was found. We have not yet decided which areas of government we will manage or not. What I can guarantee is that equality will still hold the cabinet or vice-presidential ranks. I want to remember that PP and Vox announced in this campaign that they were going to crack down on that ministry.

s. Will they ask for the presidency of Congress?

R was found. Allow me some caution in dealing with these questions because we are still in the early stages of negotiations with PSOE.

s. What are the next steps for Sumar as a party?

R was found. Very good starting point. We will have a very strong parliamentary group that will also allow us to re-certify the coalition government and now we will start all the political and organizational deployment of the project. I can tell you that after the summer we will hold [primera] adding aggregation.

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