Esquerra will enter the government of the Barcelona Provincial Council with the PSC and the commons

On Tuesday, Esquerra Republicana will announce its accession to the government of the Barcelona Provincial Council controlled by the PSC and headed by socialist Lluïsa Moret, mayor of Sant Boi. Republicans did not enter the body that governs the supra-urban entity when it was formed this month with its sights set on last Sunday’s elections, but this was a possibility already flagged in the plenary session to form this body on July 13.

Subsequently, Moret was invested with the votes of En Comú Podem (five seats), Tot per Terrassa (one deputy) and two independent mayors linked to Jontes, one from Igualada, Marc Castells, and one from Torrelles de Foix, Sergi Vallès.

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In this way, the PSC took control of the supra-municipal entity with the largest budget in Catalonia – more than 1,200 million euros – and instead Junts lost the last major bastion of power he had left after the departure of the Piri-Aragonese government ten months earlier.

The words of ERC deputy Dionís Guiteras at the plenary session on July 13 – opening the door for cooperation and the start of a new phase – he then nurtured the possibility of Republicans entering the executive branch after the general elections.

With Tuesday’s move, Esquerra is in the government of the four Catalan councils, and holds the presidency in Lleida and Tarragona in agreement with the PSC. In Girona, Juntes takes over.

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