Eusebio Monzo and two former citizens of the second echelon of the Mazon government

The Valencian government held an extraordinary plenary session to appoint the first members of the second echelon to the Consell. Among the appointments announced yesterday by the spokeswoman for the regional government, Ruth Merino, are those of the former Provincial Secretary of the Treasury with Alberto Fabra, Eusebio Monzo, who will be responsible for assisting Merino in the position of Secretary of the Treasury and the Regional Economy, or the positions of ex-citizens.

Former Secretary of the Organization of the Orange Composition and the first to move to PP Emilio Argüeso will be the Independent Secretary of the Social and Health System, while the Deputy of Les Corts de Cs Carlos Gracia will be the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance. Gracia and Merino were together in the parliamentary group as contracted to Toni Cantó.


Emilio Argueso and Carlos Gracia will be “Equality and Finance”

She also returns to the political front line as the Regional Secretary for Equality and Diversity, Asuncion Quinza, who will be the right-hand man of the Second Vice President, Susana Camarrero. Another to return for a very similar position is José Vicente Domine who will be the Regional Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport. The person who was general manager of transportation during the metro accident returns to Consell.

The presidency is the department with the clearest appointments. Thus, Mazón forged his steel core without any major surprises: he appointed Santiago Lumbreras – so far his chief of staff in the Alicante Provincial Council – as Provincial Secretary for Institutional Relations and Transparency, and José Manuel Cuenca as Provincial Secretary of the President’s Cabinet – his Chief of Staff in the PPCV -. In addition, it includes Cayetano García, Provincial Secretary of the Presidency and Joaquín Fanio, Undersecretary of the Ministry.

New organizational chart

Directorates General will move from 85 to 75 to reduce costs

In addition, the Valencian government spokeswoman indicated that the Conseil “continues to reduce the political burden of the ministry by reducing the number of general directorates from 85 to 75”, a reduction added to the reduction both in the number of departments that moved from 12 to 10 (presidency and 9 ministries) and in the number of deputy ministers (from 12 to 10) and to 26 undersecretaries.

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