FAES, Aznar Foundation describes Yolanda Diaz as a “neo-communist costume made from scraps of Dior”

Leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Figo, during an election campaign for the People’s Party in Murcia with former head of government Jose Maria Aznar, on July 17.Monica Torres

the Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies (FAES), which is headed by the former head of the People’s Party, José María Aznar, entered the election campaign in full force on Friday with an editorial calling the leader of the Somar and the second vice president of the government, Yolanda Diaz, “a neo-communist statue made of scraps of Dior”. In the same text, he also stated that the Prime Minister and the Social Democratic Party’s candidate for re-election, Pedro Sánchez, “assaulted Moncloa on the pretext of lying.” The text of 1141 words is visual on your website for a few hours. Somar’s campaign spokesperson, Ernst Urtasson, immediately responded to the FAES editorial with a message on his Twitter account: “Yesterday Feijóo and today Aznar. Right nervous and losing education. They have reasons to be. This Sunday we will win the defense of workers. With a smile and a lot of sophistication.” Ortason Vigo cites the words of the people’s leader on Thursday during a rally at the close of the Madrid campaign and in reference, above all, to intermittent fixed contracts: perpetual contracts designed for those seasonal productive activities. “The dashed landline is not the person who is home looking for a job, even if they are listed as employed, but the disguised employment data,” Vigo said at the rally. And he released: “Now, seeing the VP who has the job, she knows so much about makeup, there’s no question. So much. More than ever.”

Celebrities focused their final hours of the campaign on attacking Diaz. Added to this is the editorial published on Friday by the FAES Foundation, moderated by former President Aznar. “he Sanchismo It ends as it began: making deception the guiding principle of its behaviour. It’s the only cohesion you can summon. Moncloa was attacked on a background of lies: a motion of no confidence based on lies, its promise to automatically call elections, its commitment to governing without agreement with populists or the heirs of terror, its punitive package program against a separatist coup…”.

The text also says that Sanchez “consumed the end of the campaign determined to offer as sole partner to this final stretch a new communist uniform hastily made from scraps of Dior and mediocre self-help literature”, referring to the Sumar leader. Sources from Diaz’s party confirmed that “these reactions, along with those on Thursday at the Feijóo rally, show the tension of the People’s Party.” And the same sources indicate that next Sunday “anything is possible” thanks to the party’s recent election campaign, which – according to all opinion polls – benefited from the three-way debate on RTVE and after the absence of Feijóo, who refused to attend. “Labor started the week lying about pensions,” Soummar’s same sources continued, and they went on to say it They didn’t know who Marcial Dorado was because “there was no Google” They ended the week by admitting that he was a bootlegger and attacked candidate Sumar, the only candidate in this election, with masculine comments.”

The FAES editorial also calls for centralizing the vote for the People’s Party, referring to the “helpful vote” demanded by the public in recent weeks. “We ask PP to vote so that it can do this job with guarantees. Because the idea that offers other formations as reinforcements in a virtual coalition government is wrong. This formula will not get a stronger executive, but it will get a much weaker executive.” […] A strong PP government is the best formula.”

Diaz insists on highlighting Figo’s “lies”.

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Last Friday, Díaz attacked the “lies” of the candidate of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Fijo, after the popular leader admitted this morning in an interview that he knew Marcial Dorado was already a “contraband” in the 1990s. And the vice president considered that “everything has changed, we can win,” based on “internal data” that they are dealing with, and she also retracted, without specifying what it is. A few hours before the end of the campaign, Somar received the support of representatives from the world of culture on Friday at an event held at Madrid’s Circulo de Bellas Artes. film directors such as Pedro Almodóvar or screenwriter Juan Vicente Córdoba; actors like Carlos Bardem, Marisa Paredes or Consuelo Trujillo; Or the film production company Puy Oria has heard the proposals from the region included in the program of the left-wing coalition, in addition to more of Diaz’s election speech.

The leader of the SOmar, Yolanda Diaz, greets the director of the Spanish film, Pedro Almodóvar, during an action with the culture sector that took place on the last day of the campaign before the 23J elections, on Friday, at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.
The leader of the SOmar, Yolanda Diaz, greets the director of the Spanish film, Pedro Almodóvar, during an action with the culture sector that took place on the last day of the campaign before the 23J elections, this Friday, at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Javier Lizon (EFE)

In the law, which, among others, was intervened by journalist and writer Bob Pope, Diaz proposed his own fund in the 100 inscriptions of the income statement so that every citizen could mark it to support culture, and he also called for setting aside “pools” and increasing public funding for the sector. Let’s cut to the right-wing story that culture in our country is subsidized. Right gentlemen, enough is enough, people of culture have the right to access economic resources as a state.

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