FAES by Aznar Calls Yolanda Diaz “The New Communist Statue Made From Scraps of Dior”

The Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies (FAES), which is chaired by former populist leader Jose María Aznar, published an editorial Friday on the last day of campaigning for the 23-J general election identifying Sumar’s leader, Yolanda Diaz, as “a hastily made neo-communist statue with scraps of Dior and self-help mediocrity.”

In this editorial, FAES asks to “concentrate the vote” in the People’s Party to build a “strong government” and defeat the “sanchismo”, to which it also devotes a few words. “Sanchismo ends as it began: making lies the guiding principle of his behaviour,” reads the letter, in which he asserts that he has filled the campaign with deceptions of “continental size” and that he has “attacked La Moncloa”.

Defines the candidate as the “neo-communist statue”

The article also analyzes Pedro Sánchez’s position during the election campaign, introducing Yolanda Diaz and her project, Somar, as the only partner in the coalition. And he does so with words that appeal to the candidate’s aesthetic: “Sanchez consumes the end of a campaign determined to appear as the sole partner to this final stretch of neocommunist dress hastily made from scraps of Dior and humble self-help literature.”

In this context, the candidate of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez-Figo, accused Yolanda Diaz this Thursday during a rally in Madrid where he compared the “fake employment data”, which in his opinion is provided by the Somar candidate, with his knowledge about the composition of the brushes. “Now, when you see the vice president who has the job, she knows a lot about makeup. No doubt about it,” she told the audience, laughing.

At the same time, though not explicitly stated, the Aznar Foundation refers to Vox as “a populist right that was born in the heat of overpowered omissions and resignations, and grew in the polarization created by the sanchismo and with a call of resistance rather than a call of government.”

The FAES exploits the editorial to call for unity in the face of the challenges facing Spain: “The time has come to restore the value of trust in the public sphere, in all its dimensions: the trust of Spaniards among themselves, above partisan choices; the government’s trust in society, because to rule it means to direct it, not to replace it; and the trust of society in its institutions, because they belong to anyone and remain at any moment.” The article ends with a call for “unity” and “freedom,” and it does so by encouraging “Vote for the People’s Party.”

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