Fallacher returns to Orange Spain to head up the partnership with MásMóvil

Orange’s CEO in France, Jean-François Valacher, has been appointed as the non-executive head of the company in Spain, In order to chair the board of directors of the joint venture created by the French group with MásMóvil If, as announced, the merger done by both operators thrives five days.

Valacher held the position of CEO of Orange Spain between September 2020 and April 2023, in a period when the merger of Orange Spain and MásMóvil was closed, which awaits a decision by the European Commission.

Orange Spain’s board of directors appointed him on Thursday as its new chairman, to succeed Gervais Pellissier. Valacher is CEO of Orange France, the French group’s primary market, a position that will bring him in line with the position of non-executive chairman of Orange Spain, the group’s second market.

In the event of a successful merger, Meinrad Spenger, CEO of MásMóvil, will be the chief executive officer and responsible for management as CEO of the company. join the project, While Valisher will be the boss. Ludovic Pech, who replaced Fallacher as CEO of Orange Spain, a position he currently holds, will become CFO of the new Orange-MásMóvil.

In this sense, the main issue that Fallacher will have to deal with in this new phase in Orange Spain concerns the merger with MásMóvil, an operation valued at around 18,000 million euros and announced when the company’s ‘first sword’ was in Spain.

Brussels last April announced the initiation of an in-depth investigation to determine whether the operation, which will create a new customer leader in Spain, could jeopardize competition in offering multiple packages and in mobile and fixed broadband retail.

In the initial examination, the community executives concluded that the company’s project “could reduce competition in the provision of retail mobile and fixed Internet services, as well as multi-service packages in Spain”. The Commission fears, for example, that by reducing the number of operators, “significant competitive pressure and an innovative competitor in the Spanish retail markets” will also be eliminated.

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