Feijóo, about his friendship with Marcial Dorado: “At that time he was a smuggler, when I met him. A smuggler, never a drug dealer”

Alberto Nunez Fijo tried to justify his friendship Friday with drug trafficker Marcial Dorado, with whom he had a close relationship in the 1990sThey defended that when they met, Dorado was a “smuggler” and not a drug dealer. Thus the leader of the People’s Party tried to downplay the issue by saying that Dorado was only engaged in smuggling, Despite the fact that he maintained for a long time that he did not know what he had done. In the final phase of the campaign, Feijóo is unable to get rid of this old matter that haunts him. His latest defensive strategy is to use the cheerleader tactic, asserting that “there are pictures of this guy with politicians on all sides.”

in an interview on a cup chainFeijóo gave the following account this morning about his relationship with drug dealers: “In 2009, the first time I ran for president of the Xunta de Galicia, the general secretary of my party called me to tell me he had a conversation with PSOE in which I told him that if I didn’t lower my tone… [de la campaña] They were going to take some pictures of me with a drug dealer. He was a smuggler when I met him. A smuggler, not a drug dealer. My answer was: let them take whatever they want. Later, they took him out of the 12th campaign again. Later, photos published by EL PAÍS appeared on the 13th. She gave a press conference in Parliament and asked to appear where she explained what had happened. I met this person when he had nothing to do with this, and in fact it can be verified. And most importantly: This is in the summary of the National Court. In the summary, they explain that there are many people holding pictures with this man from all political parties and not even a single politician has been called to testify. That’s it.”

In the two abstracts investigated in the National Court, there are no photos of any politician with Marcial Dorado, not even that of Figo, because the judge decided that they lacked a criminal connection.

Feijóo now realizes that Dorado was a smuggler when he met him, Despite the fact that when EL PAÍS posted the photos, in 2013, Galician politician He confirmed that he did not know what the man who owned yachts, palaces and luxury SUVs had done with whom he shared his free time. The same manager who has already been caught in two major operations launched in Galicia against smuggling and drug trafficking, including The famous crabwhich caused Judge Garzón to land a helicopter in the mouth of the Arousa River.

In his remarks on Friday, what is not clear is whether the PPP leader is admitting for the first time that he knew at the time that Dorado was a smuggler, or what he is admitting is that he knows now, years later. But the fact is that at the beginning of the nineties, when the friendship began, Dorado had already covered dozens of pages in the Galician press. and even patriotic, Because the police forces referred to him as the largest tobacco smuggler in the country and he served a term fled to Portugal. This week, Feijóo’s successor at the helm of Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, stated that he, then, who has just finished his university degree, “knows the same news as everyone else”. “I was informed, like everyone else, of everything that happened.”

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Feijóo complained this Friday that Pedro Sanchez had used “this rubbish” against him, with the Socialist candidate urging him to explain his “disturbing” friendship with a drug dealer, insisting the subject was old because that friendship was three decades ago. “They took them out again [las fotos] In the year 16 and 20, 30 years ago, from some pictures, I spent five election campaigns, and I did not expect that the prime minister would use this rubbish to try to discredit the opponent. I will not talk about the photos because they seem inappropriate to me and I will fall into my own trap.” However, although Vigo stated that he broke off his relationship with Dorado in the late 1990s, when he found out what his friend was doing, the judge who arrested Dorado for drug trafficking in 2003 revealed that the wiretaps in those months included Talks with the current leader of the People’s Party, then President of Correos.

He attacked the leader of the People’s Party Pedro Sanchez and Yolanda Diaz directly, accusing them, without naming specific names, of having photos with “dictators, with people accused of drug trafficking, with people who could not enter the European Union”, and “who, however, Barajas attended”, people he “now accepts” in a way that is “public and notorious” in Venezuela, referring to the June list of Venezuelan Rodri. Violating human rights and undermining democracy and the rule of law.”

The PP candidate also referred to other issues in the interview, realizing that Spain would have to contend with an “effort” to cut more than 13,000 million euros from the deficit deviation, as pledged to Brussels. Feijóo assumes it will be his turn to do so, as he takes his Sunday victory for granted, but maintains that he will ask the EU to “allow the new prime minister to seek a glide path towards fiscal consolidation, but not a sudden cut.” Spain has a deficit of 4.8%. We owe more than ever. Our public finances are among the most worrisome in the European Union. And he warned that if we had to reduce the deficit to 3%, the effort would exceed 13 thousand million. “Yes or yes we have to do it.”

In an interview with El Mundo newspaper published todayFigo, on the other hand, points to the relationship he intends to maintain if he comes to power with the Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, of the far right, and which he hopes will be “correct and fruitful”. “I think Ms. Meloni may have more to do with the European People’s Party in the future,” says the People’s Party leader, who is a supporter of giving entry to this radicalization policy in his party. The leader of the People’s Party and leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, refused to be interviewed by EL PAÍS in this election campaign.

Feijóo also addresses at the world The Catalan conflict He reveals that he intervened in Catalan public television when Article 155 was approved. “I was going to propose to PSOE to intervene in TV3. Is it part of the Catalan administration or not? ”, the popular leader points out, launching a strong hand message with Catalonia that is completely different from the détente messages that he sought to deliver in this campaign, in which he went so far as to say that he would maintain the dialogue table with the independents, although he was later corrected.

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