Feijóo appeals to the Socialist Workers Party to form a stable government because the “state parties” have won

Alberto Núñez Figo does not give up trying to be president. Neither the PNP’s refusal to talk about the possibility of forming a government, which the President of the Basque Party, Andoni Ordozar, referred to the leader of the People’s Party, in a telephone conversation, nor the decision of Pedro Sanchez, shown by the acting head of government since Sunday night, has nothing to do with the popular leader to stop trying.

This Tuesday, in Santiago de Compostela, where he went to participate in the Santiago Day events, the President of the People’s Party insists on his intentions and does not give up. His sight is now on the Socialist Workers’ Party as the “state party” as it is. Qualified that during Feijóo’s campaign he pulled the Socialist leader, even though it was neither the Socialist Workers’ Party, nor the Socialist Party he expected to emerge after the general election.

This Tuesday Alberto Núñez Feijóo attended the celebration of Santiago Day in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

David Modara

Now Pedro Sanchez’s PSOE is worth it. In his opinion, the People’s Party and the Socialist Party should find a way out of the situation that has arisen, in order to form a stable government, which in his opinion is only the “two states”.

The Labor leader remembers that the peripheral states need to keep up with Europe

“Spain deserves stability,” especially as it currently holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, and is forced to “negotiate the spending law in Brussels,” and prepare a budget that must be in accordance with what Europe demands. Figo stressed that “these are times that require stability and centralization,” considering that it would be “a grave mistake for independents to rule, who lost their seats, support and votes,” while “state parties,” stressing that they “won votes and seats.”

It is for this reason that the head of the People’s Party will try to talk the PSOE, “to give the Spaniards what they voted for in the elections,” he said. He hopes to speak to the PSOE next week, since in the letter that Sánchez and Figo exchanged on election night, the acting head of government referred him, after the absentee population vote, for a conversation. The CERA recount will take place on Friday, from which the final data will be known on Saturday.

The People’s Party is betting that the European state and parties are facing the current situation

The rejection conveyed by the PNV that it intends to rely on the Basque nationalists to be able to form a government does not diminish Vigo’s claims. “Saying that you don’t have support for speaking to a group that says no is a hasty conclusion,” asserts the PP chair, who recalls that UPN and CC are “on best behaviour.”

In the coming days, the popular leader sticks to his resolve to talk with PSOE and Vox, and as long as he does not know the position of these two parties, he will not give up. And he insists that “it is very important for Spain to send a message to Europe that it takes the presidency seriously and will not waste it,” and that is why it will be important for the government to be in the hands of the state and European parties, as he says, and it is also good, he says, that “the fourth largest economy in Europe is not subject to groups and politicians, some fugitives from justice, and the parties to Spain.”

He concluded by saying “I am interested in Spain” and considers that he has obtained a mandate from Spain, being the power with the largest number of votes, to form a “stable majority” and this is what he will do in the coming weeks. That is why he considers it his “duty” to talk to other groups, starting with the “socialist candidate” and he will do so, as he hopes next week.

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