Feijóo has already spoken with UPN, CC, Vox and PNV to try to form a government

As far as the accounts do not appear, or at least very difficult, Alberto Núñez Figo remains determined to try his position and, as he announced on Sunday night, on Monday started contacts with other parties. In addition to the WhatsApp message exchanged with Pedro Sánchez, already at dawn, who was called to speak when the CERA vote was counted, that is, on Friday, this morning, the PP president spoke with the heads of the UPN, the Canary Islands coalition, the PNV and Vox.

Through those conversations, he already has one more vote to add to the position, which is not enough to get the necessary support. It’s a UPN vote. With the Alliance of the Canary Islands, after the first contact, “the way was opened” to be able to count on this support, which is to be expected given that the People’s Party governs with the Alliance of the Canary Islands, in a coalition government. In his conversations with the president of PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, via WhatsApp, and with the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, first via WhatsApp and then via a phone call, Feijóo and the leaders of these parties called for further talks.

Feijóo claims there could be a government in a matter of weeks

The talks are with one aim, that of giving Spain a government “as soon as possible,” because Spain, as the PP president told his party’s National Board of Directors, “cannot allow alliances against the opposition or blockade,” and for this the People’s Party, “the party that won the elections,” has a responsibility, although there is an alternative “an alliance between the losers, which,” it will start with a party of Bu and ERC more than ever. Go to Spanish justice.”

In his speech to the National Board of Directors of the People’s Party, Figo acquitted himself, referring to the state of the party 15 months earlier, when he became president of the People’s Party, returning in a short time to being the first party in Spain, the first in Congress, and with an absolute majority in the Senate, which in his opinion “would be key”. He stressed that it was the largest growth achieved by the party in its history, as it won 47 more seats than the previous legislature.

All the barons support feijóo leadership at the head of the PP

There was a request that seemed to many to be a response to the People’s Party supporters who celebrated on Sunday night on the balcony of the party’s headquarters their victory in the elections, chanting the name “Ayusu, Ayusu”. All the PP barons, from Juanma Moreno to Isabel Diaz Ayuso and now many in charge of the government, gave their full support to Figo, in the final ranks that tried to cover up the messages unleashed by the left that the leadership of the PP president is in question.

And they all asserted beyond any doubt that if the election had to be re-run, the candidate would be Feijóo. When Ayusu herself was asked if the leadership of the popular leader was in question, she replied, “I don’t think so.” unquestioned leadership, and they endorsed it with prolonged applause from all the standing leaders of the People’s Party.

Ayusu highlights Feijóo’s accomplishments and stresses that he has his support

In her public statements, and later within the Governing Council, the President of the Community of Madrid reiterated her support for Figo time and time again. “Alberto Núñez Viejo has achieved great things, he won the elections; since he became president, the map of Spain has been dyed blue.” He also made it clear that “I am completely at your disposal, and I will be by your side at all times.”

Regarding something else, all the barons agreed that Viggo should try to rule, because it was the list that got the most votes. Among the arguments, one of the presidents of Madrid, who considers that it would be inconsistent not to do so with what the People’s Party asked in his day Enes Arimadas, when he was the first force in Catalonia, and he is still blamed today for surrendering without trying.

President of the People’s Party stresses that “Spain needs moderation and understanding”

Figo said that the head of the People’s Party would try, because “Spain needs moderation and understanding, not relying on radical and pro-independence minorities” and requires “that there be a government as soon as possible”, Figo talks about the “next few weeks”. He considers that the Spaniards did not want anyone to have an “absolute majority of a party”, but he does not believe that he has decided on “impossible formulas”, as he believes that the Sanchez government will be supported by Beldo, ERC or Junts.

That is why he believes that he should lead the talks to try to govern “by respecting the will of the majority of citizens, without ideological premises, and by respecting the constitution and our nation.”

The alternative, the “coalition of losers”, is a far cry from, in Vigo’s opinion, what Spain needs, since those who advocated in support of that government “would have greater demands and a greater presence of the independents”. He said it would be a “transplantable scenario”.

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