Feijóo: “In order not to attend the discussion, I was the most cited person”

Alberto Nunez Figo Saw almost all Yesterday a debate was held on TVE between Pedro Sanchez, Yolanda Diaz and Santiago Abascal. He was already in Valencia, where today he will resume his electoral agenda after the lower back pain that afflicted him on Tuesday, and he concludes: “In order not to appear, I must be the one most cited”.

What he saw were three parties with the same goal, “that whoever wins the elections cannot rule,” and among them was Abascal. And it is that, in the opinion of the President of the People’s Party, there are too many occasions, if Vox wants to be an ally of the People’s Party, which he doubts, that Abascal votes with the Socialist Workers’ Party, so that the People’s Party does not rule.

Feijóo keeps his bid for Sanchez to make it easier to install whoever wins

He has already seen it in two autonomous communities, Murcia, where there is no president yet because both Vox and PSOE voted against the candidate of PP, who won the election, and in Cantabria, where the candidate of the People’s Party was sworn in, not thanks to Vox, but to the party of Miguel Ángel Revilla. Vigo asserts that the same thing happened in six mayors.

Faced with this situation, the head of the People’s Party reiterated his offer to Pedro Sánchez, during the face-to-face debate ten days ago, that it would be the president who wins the election, and the other side would facilitate the position. Thereafter, it would be governed by seeking parliamentary support. He is ready because he wants to overcome the bloc politics that have dominated Spanish politics in recent years.

But he is convinced Sánchez will not accept it because “the PSOE has no problem with having Vox in government, what they don’t want is for the People’s Party to rule,” he said in an interview on RNE’s Las Mañanas. And there is another reason why the popular leader did not accept the quartet debate that took place yesterday on RTVE, and he did not accept it, not because he was worried about taking a picture with Abascal, but because of the current prime minister. He has no one with Otegi and with Junqueras, with whom he will have to agree if he wants to rule. For Figo, “to see the president debating the vice president, without the rest of the partners, even if they are members of parliament, is not reasonable.”

Alberto Núñez Viejo based this approach on issues such as the recent proposal made, at the same time, by Bildó and the CDR, to hold a referendum on self-determination in the next legislature, on the same day, in the Basque Country and Catalonia, and it is in his opinion that Pedro Sánchez has something He tells him if he will set up these partner parties. He is clear about what his policies will be: recovering the crime of sedition, toughening penalties for embezzlement, and classifying calling an illegal referendum as a crime. That is to say, Figo stressed to the RNE: “The same thing that Sanchez said before he became president and that he failed to comply with, I say it and it will be seen that I will comply.”

Figo conflicts with Abascal and will seek détente and dialogue in Catalonia

This is despite the fact that his policy towards Catalonia confirms that it is a policy of dialogue, in contrast to what Abascal says, who prefers tension. The head of the People’s Party insisted that “what needs to be done in Catalonia is to relieve the tension that has been enough in these years, and to talk to everyone, even to people who do not like the constitution. He wants to” talk to Catalans about the problems of the Catalans.

The head of the People’s Party considers it good to organize the electoral debates according to the law, and he believes that in this regulation a face-to-face confrontation should be considered between the candidates who have more options for ruling, and then there may be other options that depend on the parliamentary arc, and he hopes that this will be done, and that It is being held on RTVE, where he hopes that there will be “more agreed management than there is”, which was agreed between PSOE and PP, then the general manager had to resign, and he is now, as he asserted, in a “legal” position.

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Jaume V. Aroca

Feijóo continues his rallies this Thursday, mornings in Valencia and afternoons in Madrid, before closing tomorrow in Malaga and A Coruña, and PP continues his ad to highlight Sanchez’s “lies”.

This Thursday, the People’s Party inserted an ad in several national newspapers, under the headline “President of Lies” and a picture of Pedro Sanchez at the door of La Moncloa, listing 10 “lies” of the president: “He promised he would not agree with Podemos,” “He promised he would not agree with Bildew”, “He defended a law of yes only is yes when they have already reduced sentences for rapists”, “He promised he would reform the penal code. To include calling illegal referendums”, “He asserted that there would be no amnesty for political reasons again, during a pandemic” He justified the decisions sanitary” on the basis of “the criteria of a commission of experts that did not exist”, “he demanded the independence of the prosecution, but upon his arrival in the government he put him at the service of the Socialist Workers Party”, “they asserted that the humanitarian crisis in Melilla, where 23 people died, was not a Spanish problem and that It didn’t happen. In our sovereign territory “,” They confirmed that José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero did not freeze pensions and that was what he did in 2011, with his positive vote “,” He said that he would not raise taxes and that it was the government that raised most taxes, more than 40 times.

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