Feijóo received 144,000 fewer votes than Ayusu in Madrid compared to 28-M

Ayusu there is only oneand it was verified yesterday by Feijóo who, despite the explicit support of the President of the Community of Madrid in his campaign, left 144,000 votes Between 28 pm and 23 y.

A good draw of the ballot papers would have secured him a few more seats than those finally won by the People’s Party candidate for prime minister in the district that sends the most MPs to Congress.

The People’s Party wanted to repeat the outright majority achieved by the Ayusu-Vijo tandem on March 28 and had to settle with just over 40%. The downturn that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, knew how to take advantage of, who received 27.91% of the vote and was 12 points behind the 40.38% of the People’s Party. It has nothing to do with the 29 points Ayuso (PP) got from Juan Lobato (PSOE) less than two months ago.

But Feijóo didn’t need to stop to study the census data to become familiar with the situation. The half-thousand Labor supporters who had gathered the previous night in front of the headquarters on Calle de Génova interrupted Feijóo’s speech on several occasions to chant the name of the community leader in a cry of “Help me, president!” To the obvious annoyance of both parties.

Leganes, Parla, Getafe and Fuenlabrada

Comparing the results in the capital, Feijóo also loses, albeit by a smaller percentage, leaving only 8,600 votes behind those received by the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida.

The key to the socialist recovery again lies in the historical red belt as the PSOE was once again the most voting force in Leganés, Parla, Getafe and Fuenlabrada.

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