Feijóo throws in the rest, looking for votes that would allow him to rule without Vox

Expectations are very high for PP. Alberto Núñez Figo and his team set a very high bar, receiving more votes than the left, which made it impossible for them to form a government, thus forcing negotiations with some parties that supported Pedro Sánchez. All in order not to have to form a coalition government with Vox, which is the last option the head of the People’s Party considered..

From this stigma, the one that the PSOE, Sumar, and other parties linked to Pedro Sánchez, refer to as a copy of Vox, and even more so after the agreements in Valencia and Extremadura, is what the popular leader had to defend most in this campaign, along with the repeated image with the drug trafficker Marcial Dorado. Or the alleged lies that the prime minister granted him face to face.

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The People’s Party is convinced that it will not be less than 150 deputies, which is an increase of sixty seats from those it obtained in 2019

But nothing was reflected, according to sources from the leadership of the People’s Party, in the expectations of the popular leader. The turning point in Feijóo’s favor, as the same sources say, was the confrontation that took place on the fourth day of the campaign, after which, nothing was able to reverse the upward trend, not even the three-way debate, Nor the interview on TVE in which he gave false information that he had to correctnor the lower back pain that would prevent him from traveling to the Canary Islands.

According to the People’s Party, the confrontation was “the moment when Spain discovered the strength of our candidate,” and since that day, “street support has doubled.” For example, on the same Friday Núñez Viejo was welcomed onto a plane when passengers noticed his presence. This leads the PP to conclude that “Sánchez will not lose just because he did it wrong, but because Spain already knows Figo is better.”

But with this panorama and these expectations, the leader of the People’s Party has only one way out, to obtain that indisputable result that will make him win and rule, and also, that will allow him, at least, to try to rule without Vox. What is this result? In the leadership of the People’s Party they put him at about 150 deputies, which is a big challenge for Figo. If he wins 148 deputies, that is, 60 more than he won in 2019, this can be interpreted as a failure, and the possibility of ruling alone, or even ruling, can escape him.

At PP they are convinced that this will not happen, and the result will be broader. Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s goal is to get more votes not only from the left, but also from the left as well as EH Bildu and ERC. Forming an alternative government to your government is not possible even if the sum of your deputies and Vox deputies reach an absolute majority. So Feijóo will try to force negotiations with other parties, such as PNV, that can facilitate his installation, just so that government with Vox is not necessary. They asserted that those from Abascal could not explain why the change had not been facilitated and that Sanchez would continue as president.

Given this perspective, Chief PP forms his speech, and where he speaks of the abolition of sanchismo, an expression he retains, he introduces nuances. It is a question of “undoing what has been done wrong, fixing what can be improved, and leaving what has been done well, which will be,” he said at the rally he organized on Friday in Malaga before the closing of the campaign in A Coruña.

They are conciliatory messages because they are “not revenge” against the Sanchez government. “We do not want to take revenge on anyone, we want to rule for everyone,” he explained that what he wanted was a sufficient majority to form a government “without blackmail or connections,” referring to Vox.

It’s a message aimed at the more moderate part of his electoral spectrum To Ex-SWP Voters Who Doubt Vote for Núñez Viejo, Fearing Abascal, following Vox’s leader campaign, Go to Confrontation of All Time. Ahead of the radical party, the leader of the People’s Party responded with a moderate message: “I offer a friendly, calm and sensible change,” Figo said at the end of the campaign, calling for a beneficial vote to rule “without blackmail or bonds, and free, with no interest but that of the people.” He said the government focused on what was important.

Feijóo wants, for the sake of this advantageous vote, to attract voters from the left to the right, but at the end of the campaign he places more emphasis on socialist voters, specifically on “disappointed socialists”. The Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno, gave them another reason to do so. “Prepare your party by voting for Alberto Núñez Figo, because the Socialist Workers’ Party must be in opposition to renew itself.”

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