Fernando Adrian, winner of Las Ventas, absent from the fairs, is patient and a confident bullfighter

ask. are you patient

Answer. Yes, I think I can consider myself a calm and calm person.

s. I tell you this because of the situation of involuntary unemployment you find yourself in after being left twice on your shoulders across Puerta Grande in sales It requires a good dose of persistence.

R was found. Patience and serenity, yes, but no matter what the profession is, you should be aware that this year’s exhibitions were held very soon. This is a fact that affects me after the victories in Madrid, but I think companies want to count on me.

Fernando Adrian (Torres de la Alameda, Madrid, 1992) was the “revelatory bullfighter” of the recent San Isidro fair. On May 31st, he cut off the ears of Santiago Domeque’s bulls, which allowed him to enter the Corrida de la Beneficencia winners’ poster, along with Emilio de Justo and Sebastián Castella; And on that occasion, On 17 June, he was surprised again by the second Great Porte in less than twenty days. Afternoons of glory to those who have been forgotten, two dangerous ways to change professions, so that the telephone was constantly rang and the agenda lacked pages to note the dates closed in all exhibitions.

but not. With this bullfighter, an ancient tradition of bullfighting was broken, the tradition that attests that the extraordinary victory at San Isidro purified the race and secured 30 or 40 decades …

“…or more, but it’s a long race,” comments Adrián. “This year I’m going to take part in some exhibitions, bigger or smaller, but I have to be thankful that I’m still struggling and growing as a bullfighter, and I’m convinced that next year I’ll have a decisive season for me.”

“This is a long career and I should be grateful to continue to be active and grow as a bullfighter”

s. You said recently that you prefer not to rush and do things well.

R was found. That’s how it is. In these circumstances, it is best to remain calm so as not to make mistakes that you may regret. For this reason, I believe decisions should be made slowly and patiently. And therefore, this year I will fight wherever I am, and next year, God willing, I will be at many exhibitions.

Fernando Adrián narrates that his paternal grandfather was Novelero, but whatever may have been in his blood, he was introduced to the world of bullfighting in the heads and running of the bulls in his town, and later became a bullfighter in Jolly Bullfighting School (Arganda del Rey), which he entered as a teenager.

“This is where I became a man and a bullfighter. I got in when I was 15 and they helped me until I took the swing; that long phase was key to my career.”

Adrián remembers his successful campaign as a novillero, during which he announced himself at major exhibitions and left on the shoulders of the Monumental de Barcelona, ​​among other places.

And on June 15, 2013, he took the substitute in Avila …

“I became a bullfighter and realized it was almost impossible to continue,” says Adrián. “This is where the battle that allowed me to be in now began,” he adds.

Fernando Adrian was born on the afternoon of May 19, 2022 in Las Ventas.Alfredo Arevalo

s. But from June 2013 to Fall 2021, when you’re part of the Chenille Cup, a lot of time goes by…

R was found. Yes, many months, many days, many hours thinking about it. You are going through very hard times and you are wondering if you are good for this profession or not. But, fortunately, I was able to verify that believing in yourself and daily training can allow you to reach your dream goal.

s. During that 8-year journey, I fought very little.

R was found. I fought quite a bit and had to work in my family’s company to keep going, but I never stopped training.

When Fernando Adrián appeared on the posters for the 2021 Chenil Cup, he was a complete stranger. He was the winner of the competitionwhich allowed him to confirm the variant in San Isidro Fair the following year with Manzanares and Roca ReyBut luck was not with him.

“Of course I would like to be in all exhibitions and I hope that my life will change next year.”

“I have to thank the Community of Madrid and the Toro de Lidia Foundation for organizing the Chenil Cup, which allowed me and other young bullfighters to put us on the right path,” assures the bullfighter. “This contest is a very real framework for how to look at the profession: that the person who wins it in the bullring keeps fighting. It has given me life.”

s. Incidentally, the charity tournament on June 17 was the fourth of its season. When will you dress like the lights again?

R was found. Maximino Pérez is my new manager, and that’s a matter I don’t get involved in, because what I need is a professional like him so that I can dedicate myself to training and being ready when he calls me. I need the peace of mind necessary for a bullfighter: knowing that you have someone by your side who will stand up for you and will take care of you as you deserve.

s. But you didn’t answer the question…

R was found. I know I’ll be wearing the lightsaber costume again in mid-August, but I don’t know the date or the place.

s. Despite everything, the future looms large…

R was found. definitely; I see well if you consider where I’m coming from. I should be very grateful, and if I thought otherwise I would be wrong. Of course I’d like to appear at all the fairs I’m not attending, and I’m sure I’ll be at all of them next year.

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