Ferraz celebrated to the beat of ‘Bitch’

Cell phones of militants and socialist sympathizers smoked throughout election night on Calle Ferraz in Madrid. The first to follow the audit is optimistic from the start. Someone did not take credit. Then they call their family and friends: “Come to headquarters.” And then the folk song “Pira” is recorded for the memory of Rigoberta Bandini, which is played at full volume in honor of the title of the leader. It was clearly a sweet chant of defeat. Because Sanchez lost, but the taste of victory was on both the main floor and on the street.

Yesterday the Socialist Socialist Party celebrated two important achievements: dramatically improving its recent electoral result, achieving nearly a million more votes, and most importantly, preventing a right-wing government. Moreover, he did it in the style of the Great Nights chanting “Issa, Esta, Esta, Spain is socialist”. Sanchez will continue in La Moncloa because the socialists went to vote in droves.

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Joseph M. Calvet

Not even the most optimistic of people thought PP and Vox could be hit against a wall the way they were done. “The polls didn’t give a single one, we flipped it,” a hardened bragger. Except for Tezanos, he added another. The celebration was so unexpected that Ferraz didn’t actually set up the traditional scaffolding for the Great Nights until it was examined. It was an evening from less to more.

PSOE brought back the “Perro Sanxe” posters that exploded. He also brought out the banners with the logo that had been in stock for a while. Above all, celebrate. From federal leadership to militancy. One detail of that night was brought up by counselor Alex Sanmartín, who tweeted: “Another one to my list of impossible options.” A good definition of the pessimism that took hold especially after the face-to-face confrontation at the start of the campaign.

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Ferraz sounded like a music festival Sanchez loves: Quevedo and Rosalía played

Last night Ferraz seemed like a music festival, one of those that Sanchez loves and that he misses very much, as he admitted to “La Pija y la Quinqui”. Quevedo, Rosalia and even the melody of Verano Azul rang out, in the form of a letter to Genova Street. Everyone celebrated, even Nadia Calvino who still didn’t have a party ticket but stopped by the federal headquarters and was in the back room.

Socialism now faces Sudoku from inauguration with a renewed ethic. They assume that it will not be easy, because the numbers do not give. But Figo and Abascal didn’t do that either. But it’s all about emotions. And yesterday, in Ferraz, it was the feeling of joy. Even the most mobilized right wing in recent years cannot remove the PSOE from the “bailao”. But there was also someone who lost someone on the scaffolding of victory: “Zapatero should be there.”

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