Figo is betting on an absolute majority to form a government “without blackmail or ties.”

Alberto Núñez Figo does not abandon the absolute majority, like those of Andalusia, Madrid or Galicia. His claim is still a single government, in order to have a stable government. For the head of the People’s Party, this meant that the head of government “can appoint and dismiss his ministers”, and that it be a government “without blackmail or bonds, a free government, with no interests over the interests of the people, and focused on what is important”.

The leader of the People’s Party concluded this election campaign with rallies in Malaga and A Coruña, having done so on Thursday night in Madrid. Feijóo wants to replace, with this absolute majority, a government “obsessed with leading, but not with governing, by putting its friends in positions, even if they are not necessary”.

The government did not know how to arrive, it did not know how to be and it did not know how to leave, Vigo asserts

Others, as the head of the People’s Party explained, because “those from the government did not know how to pray, because they deceived us with the charters; and they did not know how to be, because they divided us; and they did not know how to leave, because there was nothing left of them but disqualification, against judges, journalists, farmers and irrigation, and all of us who disagree with the government.”

On the other hand, he promises that “I will know how to get there”, because he will only try to form a government “if I win”; He will know how to be, because “I have no obligation to anyone, nor have I to pay any fee to anyone,” and he asserts that he will know how to leave, because he will leave “a better country.”

The leader of the People’s Party confirms that he does not want to lead a bloc, but to rule for all

For all of this, he asks for a vote, a vote useful to all the electoral spectrum, from left to right, and asks all those who want a change, because “I am not asking for a vote until everything remains the same, but until the necessary change is made in Spain.”

It also explains why a vote is required, and above all why not. I am not asking to vote to lead a party bloc, but to be president of all Spaniards and to open up the country. And he asserts that he wants to reach the government “without the intention of revenge”, but rather to abolish what he considers harmful to the country, and to reform what can be improved, “and if there is something – he emphasized – that is good, it will be there, we will leave it as it is.” Alberto Núñez Viejo insists that “we did not come to break anything, we did not come to take revenge on anyone”, but to rule for all Spaniards.

People’s Party leader calls for ‘friendly, calm and reasonable’ change

The head of the People’s Party asked to vote right and left, because “it is impossible to lie to the Spaniards so much.” A vote allowing him to “vote without siege”, a government, he says, “in one part”, “a president naming ministers” and “a government for Spain”. He stressed that it was a matter of making “a friendly, calm and reasonable change.”

Feijóo did not want to end his campaign without thanking the ministerial portfolios “for the effort they had to make”, despite the scarcity of resources they had.

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