Figo: “Those who lose the Champions League are ready to say that they are more than the winners. It’s a tricky Champions League, as always “

Fifteen months after reaching the presidency of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Fijo has reached the end of the road. seem the final countdown, A legendary song from the 80s about the countdown, when the leader of the People’s Party took the stage at his last rally in the general election, in front of several thousand supporters next to the port of A Coruña. With a fresh wind not quite as hot as the ‘Mediterranean’ Huelva was in the morning, he said, and made a mistake about the geography (he was in Malaga), Figo was ecstatic about his chances of becoming president. His only fear, as he has expressed, is that the left will take away the possibility of governing by adding an alternative majority. “We have the final. We won the league and the cup and now it’s time for the Champions League,” he said similarly to football before attacking the progressive bloc: “Those who are going to lose the Champions League are ready to collect all the points to say that the winner has won more. It’s a tricky Champions League, as always.”

In his speech, Feijóo avoided committing to forming a government on his own, realizing that one scenario would have to agree with Vox, although he said he had arrived devoid of previous agreements. “I promise I know how to be. I have no debts or agreements with anyone. I should not be subject to anyone, only to the Spaniards,” he stressed, before charging again against the Left, who “does not know how to leave.” The popular leader did not want to set any standards for himself either, nor did he speak of a comfortable or sufficient majority. Feijóo contains predictions in his last letters of what might happen.

The People’s Party leader witnessed a fateful campaign last week. It seems as if everything has gone wrong since the first slide on Monday morning on TVE. On that day Figo got into a confrontation with journalist Silvia Insarondo, who refuted his false statement that PP had always revalued pensions with the CPI, in a misstep which some sources in Genoa attribute to the fact that the Galician politician is more active by day, and less conspicuous first thing in the morning. The problem with the clash in that early morning interview, in which the candidate came to challenge Intxaurrondo to correct life, when it was wrong, was that he let the left out of the framework face to face and brandished another with “Feijóo’s lies”. But it also stopped the People’s Party from publishing its message for 48 hours: the time it took for the leader to realize the journalist was right.

Popular Party leader and candidate for prime minister, Alberto Núñez Fijo, during the closing ceremony of the People’s Party campaign.Oscar Coral

After the TVE incident, the old problem arose regarding his friendship with drug trafficker Marcial Dorado, revived and stirred up by Sumar’s leader, Yolanda Diaz. At that time he was a smuggler, when I met him. A smuggler, never a drug dealer”, Feijóo tried to justify this Friday, unable to shake off the issue that has haunted him for three decades. And as if that weren’t enough, the absence at Wednesday’s TVE debate, which the People’s Party leader didn’t attend so it wouldn’t have been clear he’s forming a bloc with Vox, but also earned him criticism for not appearing. Some popular leaders lamented that day the “unnecessary opportunity” that the leader’s absence afforded Santiago Abascal.

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In spite of everything, in the immediate team of the leader they ensure this tracking The insiders didn’t detect any significant decline last week, though they admit a face-to-face decline, when they detected a rise that pushed them, though they maintained, to 159 seats. Now, at the end of the campaign, the Feijóo team confirms that their internal data brings them to 155 deputies, and besides the 30 that Vox has confirmed, the majority to oust Pedro Sanchez from La Moncloa is secured. The scenario of having to form a government with the far right, which the candidate did not rule out, is perfectly acceptable in the People’s Party. With everything, the populists are holding their breath in the last hours until the elections with fear: the possibility of a blockade is a very close outcome. “Don’t forget that we are at stake,” Figo warned his people in A Coruña, before promising that he would do his best if the Spaniards gave him their confidence, fifteen months after beginning his journey from the presidency of the People’s Party. “If I have to break my back to Spain, I will.”

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