Firefighters work to put out a blaze in the Sierra de Gredos

A large device has been working since Tuesday to put out a fire in Sierra de Gredos (Avila). The fire started in the municipality of Alicia de Tormes, and although the affected area has not yet been cordoned off by the regional government, the first estimates of displaced soldiers in the area are that it affects about 300 hectares. the Meeting of Castile and Leon Keep this fire at risk level 1 out of 3. Board members and the Ministry of Environmental Transition are involved in the work.

The regional government is studying a possible cause of a thunderstorm. The affected area is in the Sierra de Gredos, where a dry storm caused the lightning that struck on Tuesday afternoon In the five lagoons, a series of small lakes of glacial origin, located on the head of Garganta del Pinar, frequented by mountaineering enthusiasts. the High temperatures these days, hovering around 40 degrees, has allied itself with the dry flaking of that rocky region in favor of expanding flames. Firefighters are gradually bringing the outbreak under control.

The device has the air resources necessary to attack the flames with the water coming from the sky, and personnel on the ground in those places that are hard to reach and not very close to any inhabited place.

Some unofficial estimates raised the affected area to 900 hectares on Thursday. The regional delegate of the Junta of Avila, José Francisco Hernández, asserted that the scorched earth would not be very extensive and that it was not a point of special ecological value because it was rocky and sparsely flaky soil. The representative of the council stressed that the fire is located in a “high mountain” area, one kilometer from some pine forests, and therefore “access on foot is practically impossible”. This circumstance, according to Hernandez, makes air resources particularly necessary.

The Information Service of the Environment District of Junta de Castilla y León indicated on Thursday that the night media had contained the advance of the flames, despite the difficulties of the terrain. Battalions, such as those in the nearby port of Pico, insisted that it was difficult to reach the outbreaks on foot.

The fire was burning from Tuesday to Wednesday due to the heat and strong winds of the dry storms that caused it and the lack of rain. Towns like Candelida, just a few kilometers from the point of the flames, reached 40 degrees this week. The provincial government had warned of the danger of a fire in this situation. They have banned barbecues and called for extreme precautions. Smoke was felt in the vicinity of the outbreak and in the city of Avila, about 90 kilometers away.

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